Greystone Mansion, 1928

By Levi Clancy for לוי on

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Greystone Mansion was completed in 1928 and the estate is now a public park in Beverly Hills.

The grounds are open daily for free and are pleasant for a picnic. There is a beautiful upper garden, though as you proceed down the hill the successive, mostly vacant terraces are geared towards weddings.

Mansion tours are expensive and infrequent, but worth an attempt.

There are three public tours a year, held the first Saturday in December, January and February at $15 per person (reservations required). The rest of the year, tours may be reserved by parties of ten or more, or as the operator helpfully rephrased it, parties of $150 or more. The park as a whole is geared toward weddings, events and films but if you can afford it the mansion tour is a Los Angeles treat.