Las Angelenas Corps

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Las Angeles Corps is the Mayor's Volunteer Corps to City Government. It is a group of well-trained and helpful adults who are supportive, informative and cooperative. A Chairperson oversees all the activities of Las Angelenas with the assistance of two vice-chairpersons, one secretary and sixteen officers. The Mayor's Office of Protocol is the Mayor's Liaison to Las Angelenas.

Established1967Las Angelenas Corps was established in 1967. Pandora Hollister, Administrative Coordinate of Special Events for Mayor Sam Yorty, suggested that women serve he city much the way that debutantes give hours of service before making their debut. Meetings were held with Deputy Mayor Eleanor Chambers, Harriet Weider (Administrative Coordinator for Mayor Yorty) and Pandora Hollister in coordinating volunteers who served as hostesses for the Office of the Mayor and attended City-sponsored events. Invitations were sent to leaders of volunteer groups through the City and the response was immediate and overwhelming. Ethelda Singer was named the first President at the first meting and was reappointed by Mayor Bradley in 1973.
Ethelda Singer, President1967 - 1974
Expansion1973Las Angelenas' duties and commitments expanded when Mayor Tom Bradley took office in 1973. With a vision of the City of Los Angeles as a center for businessmen, diplomats, presidents, kings and queens worldwide, Mayor Bradley requested that the weekly volunteer services be increased to daily from weekly. Volunteers would not only serve as hosts and hostesses, but offer clerical help, telephone answering and assistance to various city departments. Mrs. Ethel Bradley, the mayor's wife, served as Honorary Chairperson.
Ann Anderson, President1974 - 1976
Tours Begin1974By request of Mayor Tom Bradley, the first Los Angeles Docent Tours Program was given for the Board of Education. The City Hall Tours were created with the specific purpose of expanding the opportunities for school students to become familiar with City Hall, the Office of the Mayor, the Mayor himself, the City Council, the City Clerk and the rest of municipal government.
San Fernando Angelenas1974The first Las Angelenas Office in the San Fernando Valley was coordinated by Mrs. Stanley Loeb.
Valley Coordinator Mrs. Stanley Loeb1974 - 1993
Harbor Area Angelenas1975 AprJackie Pike founded the Harbor Area of Las Angelenas, and was its first coordinator.
President Sylvia Weeks1976 - 1978
President Jan Olish1978 - 1980
President Eleanor Elkins1980 - 1982
President Veronica O'Hara1982 - 1984
President Irene Harguerevich1984 - 1987
President Evelyn Beal1987 - 1989
President Anita Levy1989 - 1990
President Faye Churchill1990 - 1993
Valley Coordinator Sara Kaplan1993 - ?