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§16 Miscellaneous

By Levi Clancy for לוי on

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Lipniszki is a small town about 12 miles south of Dziewieniszki where all the Lewin family originated. To some of the Lewin descendants, Lipniszki has some historical importance because relatives on the other side of their families originated there.

Eli had a brother and a sister born to the Singer family in Lipniszki. We do not know their names, nor do we know what happened to the brother. However, the sister married a Mr. Lasovsky in Lipniszki who sired five children and then deserted his wife and children. His wife, Eli Singer's sister, starved to death.

Two of the five children are of interest to the current family (1989). First would be Lea Lasovsky, Eli's niece, who married Moshe Gersowitz of Lipniszki. Moshe turns out to be a brother to the father of Sarah (Gersowitz) Levi, now of Fresno. Second, the one son, Baruch Lasovsky, made it to Israel and was visited there by Sarah Levi in 1972 and was previously visited by David Singer in 1962. Of course, their spouses were along too. David and Lil Singer provided most of the information in this story and Nathan and Sarah Levi provided the photographs and some of the story. The pieced together family tree, shown below, [Family-Book-16-003] is constructed from their information.

Looking at this another way, Lea Lasovsky was an aunt, by marriage, to Sarah Levi. Baruch Lasovsky was a nephew of Eli Singer and therefore, by marriage, also a nephew to Itka "Ada" (Lewin) Singer.


This book, and the accompanying family tree, were out of date within three days of going to press. At that time, Meir Joseph Itzkowitz from Israel sent in additional names for the Eliezer Lewin section of the family tree. It seems that Cheyena Lewin and her brothers listed on the tree had another sibling, namely [sic] Chaya-Sara Lewin, not known to your editor at the time the tree went to press. This information also augments the descriptions in the text of the book.

The above example illustrates the living dynamics of this book and the family tree. Neither will ever be complete and finished. Hopefully, new historical discoveries will continually be made in the future. As new family members are born, or as some marry, new names and dates will have to be added. As relatives die, new dates will have to be added to each persons [sic] box on the tree. And so it will go.

As each person reads the book, one may notice that some people are more fully represented than others in text and pictures. Please keep this in mind as everyone involved is welcome to continually submit materials in the future and we will most certainly have periodic updates and additions to the book and tree. This will give everyone an opportunity to review their files of old documents, photogrpahs, etc., and submit whatever they wish for the update pages. It also gives everyone the opportunity to document future events with pictures and descriptions. Taking some photographs of upcoming happenings in your immediate family now has added importance as those events can be recorded and shared with your extended family.

Another item which we produced as a booklet in January 1989 was a "Directory of the living Lewin and Paltiel descendants". As with the book and tree, it was almost immediately out of date. There were many corrections to be made in names plus many people moved during the five months since publication. We will probably update the directory and publish a new one in January 1990. By then, we hope to have the addresses of many of the relatives in Israel and the newly found Levey family from New York.

What else needs to be done? Here is an area where everyone can put in some thought and make suggestions. Certainly the next important event to record in words and photographs will be the May 1989 family reunion in Fresno. Everyone is encouraged to write up their own observations about the reunion and to submit photographs.

In the future, we may be able to produce a video tape from old home movies and from more current home videos. This is up to everyone who has them to share.

The research started in the Soviet Union into our ancestry will continue, as will the search for family documents from England and Canada. We are also missing a few of the immigration and naturalization documents for some of the original six Lewin siblings and their spouses who came to the United States from Canada. Hopefully, their descendants will find such documents in old family albums and strong boxes. This may take some years to complete.

This current book is estimated to have some 850 pages and over 1000 pictures. Where will we go from here? The number of individuals on the family tree have not, as yet, been counted as so many additions are expected in the near future. What is perhaps more amazing is that of the hundreds of names listed, only about fifty have died. The descendants of Meyer Lewin, born in the past fifty years, are all still living with the exclusion of infant deaths we are unaware of. The last person to die was young Martin Levi in England, born in 1936 and died in 1938. That must be some kind of a record.