Wayne Lazarus

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Wayne Lazarus wrote an autobiography circa 1989 for the Family Book compiled by Hillel Don Lazarus.

My father, Mickey Lazarus, was a musician in the Bay Area when I was born in 1927. I lived in Oakland until I was seven and then we all moved to southern California so my father could pursue his career as a musician. This was a very volatile time because of the economic situation in the depression but life for us was pleasant since we lived near the Warner Brother's studio, which became a favorite playground.

A few years later we returned to the Bay Area and my father retired from performing music and opened up a music store in San Leandro where I worked after school. After graduating from high school, I attended San Francisco City College. Music became my pursuit with additional attendance at the Berkshire School of Music in Massachusetts, the summer home of the Boston Symphony. I studied conducting under Leonard Bernstein. When I realized my musical limitations, my direction changed to business.

Business started at age 21 with my favorite pursuit, automobiles. The year was 1949. I opened an automobile sales business which was quickly successful. I met my wife Audre Gallant through a friend and we were married in the early 1950's. We lived in San Leandro where our son Craig was born in 1952 and our son Brett was born in 1954.

I closed the automobile business to pursue a variety of other opportunities that were not long lasting. I decided to travel. I took the family to Barbados, West Indies and then to Lisbon, Portugal. We decided to come home because of too severe a cultural change. Audre and I later separated.

After some thought, I decided to continue my education. I spent twelve years in and out of school, culminated by earning my doctorate in educational psychology from Walden University in Naples, Florida.

I have worked at this profession locally in the Bay Area and in Barbados, Puerto Rico, and in the Bahamas. I now live not only in Oakland but recently built a beach house on Cat Island, in the Bahamas, as well.


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