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פלטיאל‎ בן ציון Ben-Zion Paltiel

By Levi Clancy for לוי on

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פלטיאל‎ בן ציון Ben-Zion Paltiel must have died around 1895 as his grandson born at that time was named after him.

Nothing is known of his wife. However, his wife likely died at about the same time. His daughter Annie Paltiel likely moved with her brother Shmuel Lazar Paltiel when he moved from איוויע Iwie to דיבנישוק Divenishok to marry Malka Lewin.

Rikel Lebvol moved to Israel around 1947 and believes that she was a granddaughter of a Paltiel. Joseph Lazarus remembered Shmuel and Annie having a third male פלטיאל‎ Paltiel sibling.