Verdugo Hills

By Levi Clancy for לוי on

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The Verdugo Hills separate the San Fernando and San Gabriel valleys, and form the little Crescenta Valley against the San Gabriel Mountains.

I had no idea what a Verdugo Hill is until I did some research to figure out why Glendale and Burbank are technically part of the San Fernando Valley but don't really feel like it. The Verdugo Mountains crop up in the southeast end of the San Fernando Valley and around them are Burbank and Glendale on one side, and La Crescenta, Sunland, Sun Valley and some other little towns on the other side. They are the reason why Glendale and Pasadena feel so different, but you have to pass through Glendale a lot of times to get to Pasadena. There is a mountain range bottlenecking traffic! Sure I had heard of Verdugo Hills Hospital and stuff like that and presumed they were small hills with a quaint name. No. These things are rugged and provide a real distinction. Their geology shapes what is around them.