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1926 marriage1926 March 10 in Maine. Leslie A Leavitt (Scarboro, ME). Stella B Clancy (Scarboro, ME).
1926 marriage1926 March 10 in Maine. Leslie A Leavitt (Scarboro, ME). Stella B McKinney (Scarboro, ME).
1930 census
1938 marriage
1938 June 01 in Portland, ME. Estelle B McKinney (South Portland, ME) and Oliver E Stevens (Portland, ME).
1938 marriage1938 June 01 in Maine. Estelle B Leavitt (South Portland, ME). Oliver E Stevens (Portland, ME).
1940 CensusAccording the 1940 Census, Estelle lived alone with Everett. Estella's status was M, crossed with a 7, a notation put in place in DC indicating that her spouse was not living in the household. She was unemployed for 25 weeks but seeking work. Her industry was listed as a packer in a sardine factory, where she had worked 20 weeks earning about 24 dollars weekly. They lived in rural Maine but not on a farm. message board: 1940 Census, Code 7
1941 DirectoryIn 1941 they lived at 10 Central Whf in Portland and he was a log scaler (link).
1941 marriage

Estelle's husbands

Estelle was married four or five times, that we know of.

John Joseph Clancy

Clancy is an Irish name.

He was born c 1906 in Providence, RI or in Massachusetts.

  • John Clancy

    • Married to Julia Daly

    • John Joseph Clancy (c 1904 [Providence, RI or MA - )

1900 censusNot likely correct.
1905 censusMight be John Clancy Sr.
1910 censusMaybe. Birth year does not corroborate.
1915 census
1917 militaryBorn 1881 March 24. Might be his father.
1920 census1920 January 10. Pittsfield city, Berkshire county, MA. Frank G Botter (head) - age 39, born c 1881 in NY; both parents born in NY; machinist (industry illegible). Margeret Botter (wife) - age 39, born c 1881 in CT; father born in MA; mother born in CT. John J Clancy (boarder) - age 16, born c 1904 in Rhode Island; father born in NY; mother born in CT.
1925 censusJoseph J Clancy, unlikely to be our person of interest.
1930 censusI believe this is him.
1935 census
1935 census
1940 census
1942 deathNot likely match. Julia Daly. Spouse is John (Daly?).
1943 travel
1953 travel
1953 travel
1956 death
1977 death
1986 death
1923 marriage
There are records of two John Clancy Sr's in Rhode Island, each begetting a John Clancy Jr.

There was a John Clancy married to Elizabeth "Lizzie" Killian. Both were Irish-born. However, this seems unlikely to be our people of interest due to conflicts with the marriage record (where the mother is listed as Julia Daly) and because there are sometimes two John Joseph Clancy's from Rhode Island in the census records, one of whom can be attributed to Irish parentage and the other (who likely is the man who married Estelle) to United States parentage.

1906 birthNot sure if this is him; the mother's name does not corroborate.
1910 censusNot sure if this is him because both parents are born in Ireland. Maybe there were two John Joseph Clancy Sr's in Rhode Island -- one married to Elizabeth Killian, the other to Julia Daly.
1930 censusI believe this is not the same John Joseph Clancy.
1940 censusI suspect this is not our person of interest.

Leslie Austin Leavitt

  • Austin W Leavitt

    • Married to Laura Merrill

    • Leslie Austin Leavitt

      • Married to Estelle Bernice McKinney

      • No known children.

      • Married to Olive Kimball. She had children from her previous marriage to Mr. Burbank.

1900 census
1910 census
1917 militaryBorn 1900 April 08.
1925 censusNot likely him because the birth year is slightly wrong and he was in Scarboro the following year for his wedding to Estelle.
1930 censusDivorced.
1938 marriage1938 June 11. Portmsouth, NH. Leslie Austin Leavitt - age 38, born c 1900 in Scarboro, ME; father Austin Leavitt; mother Laura Merrill. Olive Kimball Burbank - age 27, born c 1911 in Hiram, ME; father Clarence Chester Kimball; mother Ada Graffam.
1940 census
1998 residenceNot likely him because he Would have been mighty old.

Oliver Stevens

Charles Reynolds

Photo albums

Estelle left behind several collections of photographs.

Almost none of the photos have any writing, but their groupings, orderings and content give narrative glimpses of our family's life. Flora Sawyer has been collaboratively identifying photographs, a crucial step in cataloging and scanning the collections.

photoFlora identifies: might be Lee Johnson, the son of her half-sister Anne Hamlin.
photoFlora identifies: might be Lee Johnson, the son of her half-sister Anne Hamlin.
photoFlora identifies (L-R): Lenora, Lucille and Norma.
photoFlora identifies (L-R): Lenora, Norma, Estelle McKinney.
photoFlora is not sure about this image.
photoFlora identifies: Anne Hamlin.
photoFlora identifies: her half-sister Anne (real name Ellen Anne Hamlin), who they called Annie then. Anne's husband, Crosby "Teddy" Johnson just before or after they were married.
photoFlora is not sure about this image.
photoFlora is not sure about this image.
photoFlora identifies: "Our house in North Appleton"
photoFlora identifies: Damon Hall, Lottie's last husband before she died, and Ada, his new wife,
photoFlora identifies: Back row (L-R), Chiyo and Mary, Maurice Plowman, Tena's husband, Tena, Damon and Ada, Bessie and Sam, Norma, Flora, Estelle McKinney. Front Row (L-R), ?, ?, Lucille, Lenora, Jean. [Might not be Chiyo and Mary]
photoFlora identifies: "Our mule, Jenny with Flora, Jean?, friend - Dicky, Pease, Billy, Lucille, Lenora, ?, Bessie, on Wagon" [make print]
photoChiyo, Mary
photoEstelle McKinney
photoEstelle McKinney