תלמוד TalmudComments
parentתנ”ך‎ Tanakh
siblingsBiblical originsDeuterocanonאגדה Aggadahכתובים Ketuvim (Writings)משנה Mishnahנביאים Nevi’im (Prophets)תורה Torah

תלמוד Talmud

Talmud signifies (a) as an infinitival noun from the simple stem lamad ('to study'), 'studying, study' (as theoretical activity, in contrast to ma'ase 'action,' i.e. practice, observance); (b) as a noun drawn to the Pi'el limmad ('to teach, instruct'), 'instruction,' particularly that which has its starting point in Holy Writ; (c) from limmad in the sense 'to derive a statement by exegetical means or otherwise,' the discussion of halakic statements with a view to elucidating the basis upon which they rest Strack, p 5

משנה mishnah

The verb משנה shanah means (a) 'to repeat,' (b) 'to study (something handed down orally),' (c) 'to teach.' Accordingly the noun שנה mishnah denotes (a) 'study,' (b) 'oral lore' -- in contradistinction to mikra 'reading, lection,' applied to the recitation of scriptural text. Strack, p 3