Kern River Canyon

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Route 178 winds along Kern River, providing plenty of beautiful, easy stops.

Bakersfield Dewar's ice cream
On your way, get ice cream at Dewar's

Kern River Canyon cow
Cattle roam around Kern River Canyon

Kern River hot springs

There are four hot springs in Kern River Canyon: two are on private property; and the two on public land are mired in politics.

Kern River Canyon Miracle hot springs
View at Miracle hot spring

Families come during the day; and youth come at night. Locals leave behind suds and garbage. We felt uncomfortable and opted to not soak. However, the river is a gem and it is a lucky person who spends an afternoon enjoying it from a private spot away from the springs.

Miracle hot springPublic, but destroyed

Also known as Compressor hot springs or Clear Creek hot springs, Miracle hot springs has been destroyed as of April 2003 by the Forest Service and nearby hot springs are in jeopardy as well. There may remain one small hidden tub. The concrete tubs at Miracle hot spring were destroyed by the park service due to bacteria counts from allegedly sabotaged water tests, and the devoted enthusiasts who place sand bags find their work quickly undone.

Kern River Canyon Miracle hot springs

Remington hot springPublic, accessible

A mile west of Hobo campground on Kern River Road, Remington is the most popular of the Kern River hot springs. There is a small tub above the rest, and several along the river.

Kern River Canyon Remington hot springs

Democrat hot springPrivateThese pools are on private property and gated.
Delonegha hot springPrivateLocated on private land, but publicly accessible, these are near Miracle hot spring. These tubs are in a gated private property.
Scovern hot springPrivate, ruinedNot immediately in the canyon but nearby, located on private land are the ruins of an old resort.

Kern River campgrounds

Miracle hot spring / Hobo campground

Kern River Canyon Hobo campground

Kern River Canyon Hobo campground

Sandy Flats campground

Little to no privacy.