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This section spans Sam Goldberg and his wife Kimberly,
and their two children Andrea Leigh and Benjamin.

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The Un-Authorized Autobiography of Sam Goldberg
by Sam Goldberg

Sam was born in Oakland on November 17th, 1957. After a brief singing career started by a swift slap on the bottom, he returned to an ordinary life of a boy wonder. Everyone wondered what he was up to next...

As a boy growing up in a delicatessen, he learned to count change as he sold coffee and donuts to the early morning customers before he went to school. He gradually progressed from continental breakfasts to full meals as he learned to help out in all operations of the business.

Along the way, he became an accomplished Boy Scout rising to the rank of Eagle. He was a rifle-range and aquatics instructor at two different summer camps and spent several summers camping with his troop in the High Sierra Mountains.

All throughout high school he played saxophone, flute, and clarinet in the Marching Band, Jazz Band, Pep Band, Pit Orchestra, and Symphonic Orchestra. He helped coordinate the friday [Friday] band shows (football was played in the intermissions), and travelled all over the state performing in concerts and competitions.

After high school he continued his education by attending California State College at Hayward. He started as a music major but changed to communications after the first year. All throughout his college years he held true to his dedicated and successful method of study, wait till the night before then CRAM!

It was at college that he met his wife, Kimberly. They were married in September 1979 in Stockton. They moved to Modesto where Sam was employed with Big 5 sporting goods as a salesman. Early 1980 led Sam to Sacramento following an opportunity to work for Radio Shack. He soon became the leading salesman in the district and was then promoted to store manager.

He continued to progress with Radio Shack into their Computer Operations by being a Computer Support Specialist and Compute Center Manager. After almost four years with Radio Shack, he left to pursue an independent career in computers.

He currently is employed as a wizard (high-tech term for Jack-of-all-Trades) for a small but growing computer firm specializing in sales to the State of California. His business takes him all over the state in the installation of equipment and training of state personnel in its usage.

Sam and Kim have two children, Andrea Leigh, born in 1981, and Benjamin, born in 1983. Both children attend Cordova Gardens Elementary School and are doing well. Kimberly is employed by Farmers Rice Cooperative in Sacramento as a marketing assistant, and is responsible for a wide variety of areas for its smooth operation.

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A.P.I. Wire - July 1983

NEWS FLASH!!!!!!!!!

The Sacramento Bureau of the Federal Aviation Administration reports another sighting of the infamous stork over the North Area on July 3rd, 1983 at about 11:38am.

The report states that the avian in question was seen delivering a small (?!), (8 lb. 3 oz./20 1/2 inch), squirming, NOISY package to Kaiser Hospital maternity ward. The recipients were a VERY excited 22 month old sister Andrea Leigh, and the exhausted parents, Sam & Kim Goldberg of Sacramento.

According to usually reliable sources, the delivered package was a bouncing (after a rough landing), boy! And the latest information lists the favorite as:

Benjamin Edward Goldberg.

The family says they will be returning home in about 4 days with the new member. But will be moving August 1st, 1983 to avoid detection by the stork squadron in the future. They have purchased their own home at 2527 El Segundo, Rancho Cordova, Ca. 95670.

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