Myron Benjamin Levi

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Myron Benjamin Levi
Myron was born January 13, 1920 in Fresno, California to Russian-born parents Moshe Levine (Morris Levi) and Annie Paltiel.


US Army (World War II)

In 1942, he enlisted in the US Army at LeMoore AFB in the Air Corps enlistment record
His army serial number was 19103422

Married to Marge Westfall

Life in Hanford

Life in Belvedere-Tiburon

Life in Bellevue

Life in Visalia

Hospice care

Myron's autobiography

Myron wrote his autobiography circa 1988-1990 for Hillel Lazarus' Family Book. It may be found in Family Book §8-1 Autobiography: Myron Benjamin Levi.

I was born in Fresno, California on January 13, 1920 and attened the first year of elementary school there. We then moved to Petaluma where I spent my second school year. Then we moved back to the central valley where we lived in Hanford for the rest of my growing years. After high school, I enrolled at U.C.L.A. but had to leave when my father, Morris Levi, had his heart attack in 1940.

In 1942, I was enlisted in the U.S. Army Air Force and served until the latter part of 1945 when I was discharged as a Captain. During the second world war, I served as a navigator on heavy bombers in the European Theater.

After the war, I returned to Hanford and entered the furniture business with my folks. In 1960, I sold the business to two of my employees. Since that time, I have been engaged in land development and construction.

I met Marge Westfall in 1947 at Hanford where she was a school principal and taught primary grades. She came from Minnesota during the war to work at Lockheed Aircraft in their Glendale plant. She quit and took a teaching job in Hanford. We were married on June 30, 1948 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

We had five children. I got to name the boys and Marge got to name the girls. Since we had 4 boys and 1 girl, she only got to name our daughter, Leila. The names of all five and what they do are as follows:

1. ATOM LEVI, born 14 April 1950, is a real estate appraiser in Bakersfield
2. TAO LEVI, born 9 October 1953, works in cable television, lives in Oakhurst
3. LEILA LEVI, born 24 October 1954, Fine Arts and teacher, lives in Venice, CA
4. POLARIS LEVI, born 2 November 1955, electronic game repairman in Fresno
5. ORION LEVI, born 22 November 1958, attends school in Fresno

In Hanford, we participated in many activities of the local community. I was elected to the Hanford Elementary School Board, was Chairman of the Kings County Economic Opportunities Commission, was a member of the Committee of Twelve for the #198 Freeway, and was a Director of the Hanford District Hospital Board.

We lived in Hanford until 1965, at which time we leased a home in Belvedere-Tiburon, a community north of San Francisco. We lived there for one year. While there, the kids were enrolled in school and I frequently commuted to Hanford. During that year, we tried to live as tourists, taking in the points of interest in the Bay Area. We had season tickets for the theatre, the ballett sic and many other cultural events.

In 1966, we bought a home in the Seattle area, on the lake on Evergreen Point near Bellevue Washington, and I was involved in development and construction.

In 1967, I built a house in Visalia and we all moved again. Atom had already finished High School in Bellevue but the other four of our children graduated Visalia High Schol.

As a family, we were very active in the anti-war activities during the Viet Nam war.

Marge and I presently (January 1989) live near the entrance to Sequoia National Park but we intend to move back to Visalia in the near future.

Hillel added this editor's note,

Myron didn't mention that in 1988 he had a heart problem resultig in multiple coronary artery bypass surgery, which was successful.