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parentתנ”ך‎ Tanakh
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אגדה Aggadah

In the Palest. Talmud with weakening of the laryngal, 'Aggadah. It is universally recognized that Haggada, a nomen actionis [verbal noun] of higgid, denotes all scriptural interpretation which is non-halakic in character. W. Bacher was, however, the first to set forth the origin of this signification. In the ancient Midrashim we find quite frequently higgid in the sense of limmad. The students of Scripture search (darash) in Holy Writ, and the Scripture word tells, maggid, them then something which transcends the first impression conveyed by the scriptural expression. This term might be used also with reference to halakic exposition; but as a matter of fact it came soon to be employed preëminently with regard to non-halakic exposition, in which sense the connotation then persisted. With the nomen actionis haggadah, likewise, the scriptural word is to be mentally supplied as subject. Strack, p 7