Southland California hot springs

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Vallecitos SpringPublicLocated near Agua Caliente Hot Springs
Agua Caliente Hot SpringsThis is the Agua Caliente near San Diego. It appears that there are some indoor springs, but a short hike will reach the public outdoor springs in the state park.

San Diego County (Public Springs) (Private Springs)
Deep Creek Hot SpringsPublic
Located near Hesperia is Deep Creek Hot Springs, fabled as the best in Southern California. The usual route is to get to Bowen Ranch, then hike an hour to the spring. However, this route requires crossing the river and that is unsafe during winter and spring; during the wet season, the river swells and even floods the lower springs. Thus, during this season it is best to reach the springs via a two hour hike along the Pacific Crest Trail. More details are available at the article dedicatd to Deep Creek Hot Springs.
Jacumba Hot Spring (?)The coordinates from pinpoint a desolate, dry patch of land alongside a road. An online search unearthed a private spring in Jacumba.
San Jacinto Springs

There were originally three, including Eden, Highland and Gilman, but they were developed and after burning down became desolate, dry ruins. Eden Hot Spring's ruins may sitll be visitable.

San Juan Hot SpringsThese seem to be little known, they do not even warrant a detailed name on, but they are near San Juan Capistrano and have lovely ruins.

Cahuilla Warm SpringPrivateThere is an Indian cemetery nearby, but the spring is apparently private (and enforced) now.