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§15 Group pictures

By Levi Clancy for לוי on

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Over the past eighty years or so, many members of the extended family, who were descendants of Meyer Lewin and/or Ben-Zion Paltiel, got together for some occasion or just to visit with relatives beyond their own immediate family. Some of those events were recorded photographically and are to be found in this section as they do not fit neatly into any one of the subdivisions in the regular part of the book dealing with the nine children of Meyer Lewin.

The earliest group pictures are from Leeds, England from 1905. The most recent were also from Leeds in 1988 when Byl and Sue Ellen Hiller visited with the Grant, Goodman and Iduas families who are the grandchildren of Mattisyahu Lewin (Max Levi) who was born in Dziewieniszki but who moved to Leeds.

After the family reunion in May 1989, supplemental photographs should be readied reflecting the most recent gathering of the clan.

Other group photogrpahs might be scattered throughout the book. In particular, see the Pesach Lewin section and the Eliezer Lewin section.

At the end of this Group Pictures section are two sub-sections dealing with the relatives of relatives, namely people from the town of Lipniszki which was located between the ancestral hometown of the Lewins, Dziewieniszki, and the ancestral hometown of the Paltiels, Iwie.