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§04-07 Nathan Lazarus

By Levi Clancy for לוי on

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[Picture of a young Nathan Lazarus in a suit.]

From the file of the Napa Register, December 21, 1937

Nathan Lazarus, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lazarus, has been quite ill for several days at the family home. Nathan is well known as one of Napa's amateur entertainers.

From the files of The Napa Register, July 30, 1938

Nathan Lazarus, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lazarus, took first honors in an amateur contest at Santa Cruz.

LEONARD NATHAN "NATE" LAZARUS is a man with show business in his blood. "Show Biz" put him on the stage at the age of 4, singing and dancing. In his childhood, he entertained at various community functions as well as for the Red Cross, numerous hospitals and also service clubs. He even entertained at a "Miss California" pageant in Santa Cruz around 1931 when he was seven years old. At age eleven, he auditioned for Hollywood Studios where they wanted him to stay in order to attend acting and dancing school but he was unable to do so. Singing and dancing in vaudeville continued until Nate was about fourteen, and he still enjoys entertaining if the right occasion arises.

In high school, Nate became interested in tennis and became quite good at it. Mickey Singer, in his own biography, tells of how Nate taught him to play the game in exchange for free milk shakes a the fountain Dave Singer was running in Napa around 1947. Nate is still an avid tennis player and plays almost daily with his second wife, Marilyn. They now live in Rancho Mirage, near Palm Springs, on the California desert.

In 1952, Nate married Jacqueline May "Jackie" Davis who lived in the Oakland area and then Nate entered into the Real Estate profession with a Mr. Johnson. The partnership was successful and Nate became full owner after the death of Mr. Johnson. They also were involved in the sale of mobile phones with Ben Baylinson. Nate reired from Real Estate in 1972.

Nate is very proud that he and Jackie raised two wonderful daughters. Cindy Andrea Lazarus was born in 1955 and Kathy Lazarus was born in 1956. Kathy has two children, Laura and Seth and Cindy has one girl, Sara Andrea Lazarus. They have "Show Biz" in their blood too and love to dance and sing.



CINDY ANDREA (LAZARUS) KIRKLAND: I am currently involved with Home Education with Sara, age 10. We have a support group of 30 families. I am actively involved with the Church of Christ as I became a "Hebrew-Christian" 12 years ago. Rod and I are grandparents to 3 grandsons.

APRIL 1962




I was born March 3, 1955 in Napa, California and was raised by my father, Leonard Nathan "Nate" Lazarus and my mother, Jacqueline May "Jackie" Lazarus. Kathy, my sister, and I were educated in public schools until our move to Palm Springs, California. Since our mother suffered many medical problems, we needed to move to a much warmer climate. We lived in Napa during the summer and attended a small private school during the winter. Dad commuted on weekends from Napa to our home in the desert and worked in his real estate business, "Lazarus Real Estate", weekdays.

Kathy and I always attended Sunday school and traditional holiday srevices at Congregation Beth Shalom, which was begun by Grandpa Joseph Lazarus and other family members. Grandpa was "Conservative" in thought and the love for our ancestry generated some questions in my mind, namely "why were we Jewish and the rest of the world Gentiles"? Why was there conflict? How important were our traditions? Is there really a God?

Having graduated from the private school, we decided that continuation in a private school would be beneficial. The Catholic high school was our choice. There were only three Jewish girls in the entire school. Religion was mandatory so I opted for a study of the Hebrew scriptures.

In high school my search began. I stayed in Catholic school one year then transferred to a public high school where I graduated in 1973. During these years, Mom was continually ill. Travelling was a good outlet for her, so in 1966, we went to Europe. A few years later, in 1972, Kathy and I went on a tour to Israel. This trip was truly the turning point in my life! God became real to me when observing the history of His presence in the home of our forefathers.

Many questions were going to be answered in the next few years while attending the University of the Pacific in Stockton, California and the University of California in Santa Barbara. My majors were Speech Therapy and Psychology. The avenue I took to begin my quest was prayer to the Almighty. "Why was there so much injustice in the World? Why have the Jewish people always suffered? Who is the Jewish man named Jesus that everyone else seems to believe in?" Everything was so confusing. I was not content. Our Jewish heritage was much too fragile to be taken lightly. Other avenues included philosophy classes, religion classes, and numerous discussions.

I found that our Jewish ancestry began when God established His covenant of circumcision with our father Abraham and created a new nation on the earth. God established laws and precepts for the nation by communicating His will to man through the prophets. The destiny of our people rested on these precepts.

The Nation of Israel and the idolotrous [sic] nations around it were in continual ambivalence. Their power struggle began as God preserved His chosen people for their entrance into the Promised Land. It began in Egypt, continued into Canaan, then Babylon, Persia, Greece, and through the Roman Empire until the Diaspora. Nation against Nation. Man against man. Our nation pleaded for deliverence[sic]. For periods of time, God would deliver His people from their suffering but always requested their strict obedience[sic] to His commands. The influence of hte idolotrous [sic] nations and their heathen practices finally won their hearts. After the reigns of Saul, David, and Solomon, the nation had her "Civil War". The results were Israel as the northern kingdom and Judah as the southern kingdom. God sent the Prophets to try and redirect them back to His laws. Isaiah, as well as the other prophets, announced the coming of their final Deliverer. He was to be a "suffering servant" who would take on all the injustices and transgressions of the whole of mankind. I discovered over 300 prophecies concerning Him. His lineage was divinely protected through our Jewish nation (the tribe of Judah). From Genesis to Pslams to Isaiah and the rest, the Messiah was revealed. Sin had to be ultimately conquered for peace to prevail. The Levitical priests sacrificed in the Temple for the forgiveness of sins.

The sacrifices had their final duration when the Messiah was sacrificed as the Passover Lamb. Now a new covenant (which Jeremiah announced) would be established. It would reach all mankind -- Jews and Gentiles alike.

All the pieces to my fragmented historical puzzle now harmoniously fit together. The "injustices" resulted from man's continual disobedience to God. But God demonstrated His love for us when He sent His son to be the final Deliverer from all sin -- the result is forgiveness. If God will forgive us for all our transgressions, then perhaps we may also learn to forgive one another. Love and forgiveness bring peace.

As a child of Abraham, I decided to remian true to my heritage by believing in Jesus the Messiah. I would now, to the best of my ability, try to live according to the truths revealed in the Scriptures.

After this phenomenal discovery at age 21, I married Rodney Kirkland of Napa. I helped him raise his three children -- Lore, Sherri, and Craig and can proudly say, "I'm the Nana of three step-grandsons." Sara Andrea, our daughter now ten, loves caring for them as time permits between her hectic schedule of home schooling, dancing, and playing the piano. She is also able to help with our family's two businesses -- the Napa Sign Shop (owned by her daddy, Rod Kirkland) and the Napa Valley Hearing Aid Center (owned by her grandfather, "papa" Henry Kirkland). I also work as a hearing aid dispenser with him. Ironically, both businesses are located in my father's property in downtown Napa. it is truly a small world.

I feel privileged to be a part of our family's "small world" of which I thank Neil Goldberg for the idea and Hillel Lazarus for his endless research and commitment!

[At the end of the autobiography, Hillel added a prominent photo of an older Jewish woman saying, "Oy."]