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Death Valley

By Levi Clancy for לוי on

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Death Valley National Park consists of Death Valley, Saline Valley and other notable geologic phenomena.

Furnace Creek Area

Zabriskie PointEasy Access
Parking Lot
Right off the highway is Zabriskie Point with its spectacular views.
Furnace Creek
Golden Canyon
Artist's Loop
Devil's Golf Course
Natural Bridge
Badwater BasinEasy Access
Parking Lot
North America's lowest point, Badwater Basin is 281 feet below sea level and is iconic for its expansive salt flat. Like many easily accessible spots in Death Valley, it is a popular spot but a short trek will reveal wilderness: there is a boardwalk with plaques and a view of the small spring; and a trodden path through the salt where tourists take photos of the roughly hexagonal, honeycomb crusts of salt. But continue further and visitors will grow sparser until after fifteen or twenty minutes nobody is in sight, and no footprints mar the expanse. Protect yourself from the salt equivalent of snow blindness by bringing sunglasses.

Stovepipe Wells Area

Mesquite Sand Dunes

Panamint Springs Area

Saline Valley

Saline Valley is renowned for its dunes, hot springs and remote vistas. But getting here is a trip in and of itself. While Death Valley may be reached from the south of the park, Saline Valley is best reached only from the very north (which would take an addition three or more hours). Thus it is rarely visited by casual visitors to Death Valley -- only by those interested in coming to Saline Valley itself, for its own merits, not as a casual side trip. Please read more here.

Death Valley hot springs

Saline Valley
Located in the Waucoba Wash of Saline Valley, at the northwest corner of Death Valley National Park, are some of the best hot springs in all of California.

Dirty Socks Hot Spring
Located in Death Valley but not a pleasant looking spring -- lukewarm and desolate.

Keane Wonder Spring
Located in Death Valley. The photos on this site indicate that this spring does not form a pool, but rather consists of lukewarm water flowing down a hillside. Steve Hall,


Travertine Spring
Located in Death Valley.

Tecopa Hot Springs
Just outside the boundary of the national park is one of the best and most accessible hot springs in California.