Louis Singer and Jean Marquis Slatin

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Louis Singer was born April 3rd 1906 in Leeds.

He always liked to play sports and was always good in them. He played baseball for Lincoln High School, the high school from which he graduated in 1924, and for Occidental College, the college from which he graduated in 1930. [The same year he was married.] (Not so incidentally, he was the first person in his family to have graduated from college.) Lincoln High School is located in East Los Angeles, an area which in the 1920's was predominately Jewish in population.

The year in which my father graduated from college was, of course, the year in which the Depression really began and he could not find a full time job until the year I was born, which was six years after he received his degree from Occidental. FB §07-02 by Donald Lee Singer

Jean Marquis Slatin

Jean was born to Abraham Ben Marquis and Rose Epstein.

Abraham was born in Denver, Colorado circa 1880 and Rose was born in Russia about the same time. I remember my grandmother telling me that her family was not too bad off for a Jewish family in a small town in Czarist Russia. Her father managed, I believe, a lumber mill and they were considered middle class for their time and general circumstances.

My mother's family moved to San Francisco shortly after her birth and then came to Los Angeles about the year 1920. She graduated from Manual Arts High School in 1925 and then went to work at a Western Auto Parts Store in Los Angeles. FB §07-02 by Donald Lee Singer

Louis and Jean

Louis and Jean were married in July 1930 and were happily together until he passed away in 1956.

He was a physical education instructor and coach, first at Bell High School in Bell, California, a small city located east of downtown L.A. and then at Audubon Junior High School, located in the Crenshaw district of Los Angeles.

He was at Bell, at which he coached basketball, baseball, and gymnastics, from 1936 until 1950 and at Audubon from 1950 until his death, on January 6, 1956.

"We moved around quite a bit during my first years, moving just about every year or so."

My first memories are of our apartment on 10th Avenue, near Jefferson Blvd, in the Crenshaw area, to which we moved in 1941. We stayed there until the fall of 1947, and I spent almost all of my elementary years in the local Sixth Avenue Grammar School, until we moved to Ridgeley Drive, in the Baldwin Hills section of Los Angeles.

I finished my elementary days at Baldwin Hills Elementary School and went to Audubon Junior High School and Dorsey High School, both of which are in the Crenshaw/Baldwin Hills areas.FB §07-02 by Donald Lee Singer

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Later Years

My father was a wonderful husband and loving father and I am very, very sorry that he did not live to see me grow into manhood, get married, raise a family, and enter the same profession of which he was so proud -- teaching. FB §07-02 by Donald Lee Singer


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