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October started off raw. From the beginning, I knew this month would be a stretch. As I stared down each of my new challenges and worries, I wondered if I'd be able to touch my toes and make it work. Who knew that by the end of the month I'd be doing jumping splits?

But bad metaphors aside, happiness was lurking in each day. And it is happiness that fuels this video, a tribute to my beautiful blessings. The blessing of life. The blessing of freedom. The blessing of family. The blessing of work and a career. The blessing of health and strength. The blessing that after bitterness and sadness, each simple pleasure is victorious and sweet.

And as the month has now drawn to a close, I look forward to each one of those sweets. I'd like to thank everyone who put a little sugar in my cup.

And for Aram and Ermiya, the happiness of every "hello" we shared came back twofold as the sadness of saying a "good-bye" -- but did you know that your messages make my days bright?