Lottie Davis studies

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1874 marriage
Estelle H Winchenpaw. Edward G Davis. Married 1874 Sep 12 in Friendship, Knox, ME.
1884 birthEdna R Davis born 1884 Feb 20 in Friendship, ME. Mother, Estelle Winchenbach. Father, Edward G Davis.
1899 marriage
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Groom: Willis Thomas (middle initial is an L or a C), residing in Thomaston, age 19, born in Friendship, working as a teamster (occupation is mildly illegible). Bride: Lottie E Davis, residing in Friendship, age 18, born in Friendship, working in housework. Married 1899 May 20 in Thomaston by clergyman W A Newcombe. Groom's father was Moses Thomas, residing in Thomaston, from Newfoundland, working as a laborer; groom's mother was Ella E Poland, residing in Thomaston, from Friendship, working as a housewife. Bride's father was Edward Davis, a fisherman from and residing in Friendship; bride's mother was Estelle Winchenbach, a housewife from and residing in Friendship. All are white.
1900 death
Tena/Jena Belle Davis. Died 1900 Jun 23 [Rockland ME] from pneumonia with measles. Born 1893 Sep 09. Resided at Willow St, No 15, Ward 3, Rockland, ME for eight months. Father, Edward Davis, fisherman, born Friendship ME. Mother, Estelle Winchenbach, born Friendship ME.
1900 censusRockland city, Knox county, Maine. 594 Main Street. Appears to maybe have been an apartment or other multi-family structure. William Thomas (head) - age 20, born 1879 Nov in Maine; both parents born in Maine; day laborer; married 1 year. Lottie E Thomas (wife) - age 18, born 1881 June in Maine; both parents born in Maine; married 1 year; 1 child, 1 surviving. William M Thomas (son) - born 1899 Dec in Maine; both parents born in Maine.
1901 marriage
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Groom: Joseph Gaudet, age 23, carpenter from Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. Bride: Margaret E Davis, age 24, domestic occupation from Friendship, ME. First marriage for both. Married 1901 Jun 29 in Rockland, ME by clergyman R W Chelan. Groom's father: Maundy Gaudet, born Nova Scotia, residing Connecticut, carpenter. Groom's mother: Lillie Doucet, born Nova Scotia, residing Connecticut, housewife. Bride's father: Edward Davis, born Friendship ME residing Rockland ME, fisherman. Bride's mother: Estelle Winchenbach, born Friendship ME, residing Rockland ME, housewife. All are white.
1910 censusRockland, Knox County, Maine. Buck Street, House 7. Four people in household. Albion R Willis (head) - age 73, born c 1937 in Maine; widowed; both parents born in Maine; broom maker. Maynard S Willis (son) - age 41, born c 1869 in Maine; single; both parents born in Maine; carpet cleaner on a steam railroad. Lottie McKinney (servant) - age 29, born c 1881 in Maine; both parents born in Maine; married for six years; four children; occupation and industry illegible. Bessie L McKinney (Lottie's daughter) - age 5, born c 1905 in Maine; both parents born in Maine.
1913 marriage
1920 census
1922 marriage
1930 census
1940 census

Flora sent over a genealogy. She received the information from Bessie's cousin Virginia Lufkin, the daughter of John and Lizza Mills (Bessie's aunt and uncle). Virginia said the genealogy information is from a bible belonging to "Aunt Lizzie" but Flora is unsure who that is. Virginia is deceased; she died in a car accident in Rockville ME. Her sister Gloria Lindsey of Rockland ME has done some genealogy on the family. The genealogy info is compiled below into a family tree,

  • Sarah Poland Davis (full Indian) (1826 Sep 04 - 1908; this info might belong to her husband)

    • Married to Capt Edward T Davis

    • Edward G Davis (1857 Jan 25 - )

      • Married c 1873 Estelle Hoffses Winchenbach (1860 Oct 20 - ); she married at age thirteen

      • Wesley G Davis (1875 Jan 24 - )

      • Margaret E Davis (1877 Dec 09 - )

      • Lottie E Davis (1879 or 1881 - )

      • Percy F Davis (1882 Aug 20 - 1878) (these dates obviously have a typo)

      • Edna Davis (twin to Etta) (1884 Feb 20 - )

      • Etta Davis (twin to Edna) (1884 Feb 20 - )

      • Charles P Davis (1886 Nov 15 - ); may have died young

      • Leantha R Davis (1888 Sep 09 - )

      • Fernando Davis (1890 May - ); may have died young

      • Elisabeth Mary Davis (1891 Oct 03 - )

      • Tina Belle Davis (1893 Sep 09 - ); may have died young?

      • Edward Walker Davis (1896 Apr 08 - )

      • Goldie Ella Davis (1897 Aug 31 - )

Unanswered questions

  • Sue recalls an Aunt Pearly who had a pet (perhaps stuffed) alligator. Was she a relative or a family friend?

  • Sue remembers Bill Thomas had Uncle Bill's Lobster Pound.

  • There was a Wendel Thomas (perhaps Willis' brother) who was a clockmaker.