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July, 2018

By Levi Clancy for לוי on

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Thursday, 5th July — Erbil, Doha

Sitting there at the airport in Erbil while waiting for my flight check-in, it felt nice to have a little money. It did not really fluster me to buy a juice and a pastry. But for so much of my life, that type of thing would have really set me back. It would have been unaffordable.

"Do you feel like you don't belong anymore?" asked Mehmet about visiting America, a week or so earlier. My answer had been emphatic: "No!" Actually, it was before moving to Erbil that I had not felt like I belonged in America. But now, returning with money to spend, it finally felt like I belonged. Gone were the days

Friday, 6th July — Los Angeles

I arriv

Saturday, 7th July — Oakland

Sunday, 8th July — San Francisco

Maria recommended we buy a day pass. It was a nightmare on the phone.

Monday, 9th July — San Francisco

Tuesday, 10th July — Drive to Los Angeles

My father arrived around 8am on the 11th, driving down since midnight or so from Oakland.

Wednesday, 11th July — ??

What did we do the 11th? We took it easy. I think some of them went to Disneyland. But then some of us stayed behind. Everyone was kind of wrecked. Honestly, I cannot remember.

Thursday, 12th July — Visit to Venice

Friday, 13th July — Los Angeles

Saturday, 14th July — Reunion

Sunday, 15th July — Drive to Oakland

Monday, 16th July — Oakland to Sebastopol

Tuesday, 17th July — Sebastopol

Wednesday, 18th July — Sebastopol

We went around the Sonoma coast.

Thursday, 19th July — San Francisco

I went to San Francisco in the morning, then to Los Angeles at midnight.

Friday, 20th July — Los Angeles

Saturday, 21st July — Los Angeles

Sunday, 22nd July — Los Angeles

Seeing Jon Countess was the main thing. When getting back, my goal was to finish getting ready.

Monday, 23rd July — Departure