§04-22 Nellie Goldberg

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This section spans Nellie and her husband Mark Kasarjian,
as well as their two children George and Devorah.

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Mark Kasarjian and Nellie Goldberg started their lives together in a very traditional manner---from a T'Noyim betrothal ceremony at their engagement party (including a bag of silver coins as Nellie's dowry), to a wedding in an Orthodox Temple. "But", you say, "they're not Orthodox." True---but it was the only Temple large enough for the 450 guests. Why so many? Well, 250 were from Gloria Goldberg's side of hte family!! In June of 1989, they will celebrate their 18th wedding anniversary.

Mark has been in the music business for 22 years with only one 4-year break. He started working with his parents in a large record store and is now one of the buyers for a large wholesale company that supplies records and tapes from the San Francisco Bay Area all the was [way] to Alaska and Hawaii.

Nellie has gone from her delicatessen heritage to the "medical accounting" field. Recently, she changed from being the bookkeeper for a 5 doctor office to a new position of "Supervisor of Central Billing" for a 40 doctor, 7 location group.

Nellie and Mark started out working for their parents --- how they learned from that. They then went into business for themselves. "GOURMET AND GOODIES" (1977-1981) was a wonderful four year period in their lives---7 days a week, 12 hours a day and take the bookwork home to do at night! But, they still loved it. They sold coffee beans, tea, candy, pots and pans, world famous "Jelly Bellys" (President Ronald Reagan's favorites), spices and a multitude of items from around the world. Suddenly, the lease on the store was lost and the Kasarjians were out of business within a month. That was in August of 1981.

The Kasarjian family now lives in Albany, California, only a few blocks away from Grandma "G".

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There are two Kasarjian children. As of late June, 1989, son George will be 14. Daughter Devorah will be 9 the following September. Both love sports and have many awards and trophies for Judo and Bowling. George, who was born exactly on the 4th wedding anniversary of Nellie and Mark, starts high school next year. He's planning on winning a sports scholarship to the University of California at Berkeley, in wrestling. Devorah, born during the "GOURMET AND GOODIES" era, has already decided to become a pediatrician. She may make it as she can handle situations that make her big brother turn green!