Doris Marjorie Westfall

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Doris Marjorie Westfall was born January 30th 1918 in Minnesota and passed away on 30 July 2002 in Tulare.

Her parents were Bessie Gertrude Strader and William Westfall (14 Nov 1882 per his draft registration card - 24 Sept 1988). She was married to Myron Benjamin Levi, for whom she converted to Judaism.

University and career

Marge graduated from university and became a school principal.
linkIn 1950, she and Leila Lile registered a business. She/they lived in Hanford by that time. She was listed as Doris Marjorie Levi.
linkShe is somewhere in here, also from 1950 and probably a similar entry.

Kindergarten in nine workbooks.
9 V. (loose-leaves) in envelopes,
lllus. ©Doris Marjorle Levi and
Leila Jean Lile, d.b.a. and the
sole owners of Children's Home
Educational Service, Hanford,
calif.; 15Jan50; AAII4-8U92. link

Marge and Myron

Marge met and fell in love with Myron, who left his then-girlfriend Leila Lyle for her.

Marge, Myron and family

Marge and Myron had a family of four boys and one girl.

Later years

Marge and Myron lived out their lives in Central California.


Marge was widowed in the 1990s and stopped drinking shortly thereafter.


Marge's reputation preceded her.
  • Bessie Gertrude Strader and William Westfall


1900 Census

1920 census

William Westfall's WW I Enlistment Record