Lottie Estelle Davis

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Lottie Estelle Davis was born in Friendship, Maine on June 1881 to Estelle Hoffses Winchenpaugh (1860/10 - 1930) and Edward G Davis (1856/01 - 1920).

She had two marriages: she begot one son with her husband William C Thomas; three daughters unmarried with Eugene M McKinney; and perhaps some with Damon Stanley Hall. (Her marriage certificate to Damon Hall says it was her 2nd marriage and her maiden name was Thomas.)

Lottie and William

Lottie married William C Thomas (a day laborer) on 20 May 1899 in Thomaston and they had one son, William M Thomas.

Lottie and Eugene

Lottie had children with Eugene M McKinney in 1905, 1906 and 1908.

Lottie and Damon

Lottie married Damon Stanley Hall on 1913/04/19 in Rockland. His stock stretches back into Main and New England's early roots.

He raised the McKinney children. He was almost ten years younger than Lottie -- he was 22 and she was 31 when they married. His World War I draft registration card has his address as 115 Franklin St in Portland, Maine. He was a driver (marriage certificate says teamster) for Canadian Express Company. He had a wife, two children and one child twelve years old. The 1920 census just shows he, Lottie and Lottie's three daughters living together.


Damon's WWI Draft Registration Card

Lottie and Damon's marriage certificate