Tecopa hot springs

By Levi Clancy for לוי on

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Tecopa is a quiet town near Death Valley with the Amargosa River, a remarkable primitive hot spring, and a well-reviewed hot spring resort.
Tecopa hot creek

Along the highway in Tecopa are many shallow puddles, but most remarkable is a primitive, popular, hot creek. At the primitive creek is a sign and usually a few vehicles pulled over, parked alongside the highway. It starts as a narrow reed-lined creek by the road, but meanders away through mud hills to a pool a short walk away. There are lots of bends, nooks and tall grasses, making it possible to find your own very private little oasis even if there are other people.

When I went on November 26 2011 -- my first visit ever to a hot spring -- I stayed for a while and was happy with the visitors' diversity. Some were nude, others clothed; and there were singles, couples, friends and families. But at any given time there were only about five other people. No one was in each other's way, as there was plenty of room to space out and keep to your own niche of the hot spring. I loved the warm, gas-rich mud on the spring floor, and the little fish that darted about.

Tecopa Hot Springs Resort

There is also an RV park and campground just down the road from the hot creek. It has good reviews and I saw a cluster of RVs, but I never went to the resort.

Delight's Hot Springs Resort

Located in town is a hot springs resort.