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Grand stairway

Fenyes Mansion grand stairway
View from stairway to master bedroom

Servant's door led to further servant's areas that are no longer in the attic.

Painted trunk
early 19th century
Painted canvas cover with brass trim and camphor wood. From northern Europe.

American Empire table
circa 1840)
American Empire drop-leaf mahogany table.

Tea Caddy
later 19th century
English tortoiseshell and ivory tea caddy. Had two tin-lined compartments to preserve the freshness of tea. The word caddy is Indian for one pound.

late 17th, early 18th century
The verdure oudenaarde is Flemish (Belgian).

Tall-case clock
late 18th century
Provincial, possible Dutch. The term grandfather clock only arose after 1830.

Portrait of Adelbert Fenyes
by unknown artist

Portrait of Mrs. Adalbert Fenyes
by Benjamin Chambers Brown
Is this the portrait of her at the piano?

Miss Muse in Blue Dress by Benjamin Brown (1897)
Leonora was 17 or 18.

Leonora "Babsie" Paloheimo by Richard Miller (1916-1918)
Leonora "Babsie" was 12 to 14.

Miss Muse in Croatian Wear by Benjamin Brown (1897)
Leonora was 17 or 18.

Eva Fenyes at Piano by Benjamin Brown (1905)
Eva was aged 55 or 56. The piano is presently in the studio.

Cowshed, Utah
by Enjar Hansen (1945)

Church Istapalapa
by Prince St. Sulkowski

Upstairs sitting room

This informal space was used by the family and/or guests.

Secretaire a abattant
(drop-front secretary on stand)
French, late 18th century
Tulipwood, rosewood, parquetry

American Empire rocker
circa 1850, mahogany

Pembroke table
late 18th century
Sheraton style, mahogany

American Empire sofa
circa 1850
Mahogany-veneer horsehair upholstery.
Museum donation by Hall Family, San Marin

Victorian Rococo Revival rocker
Walnut horsehair sofa
Museum donation by Hall Family, San Marin

Lady and harp
Pot metal
Was part of family possessions in 1880.
Sitting on oak table.

Display cabinet
The contents of the display cabinet were collected on the family's travels. Includes the ivory dresser set with the Fenyes crest. Various pieces come from England, India, Bavaria, Germany, Japan, China, France, Persia, Sweden and Finland.

Settee and side chairs Baroque style. Oak with cane seats and back. They came from the first Fenyes home in Pasadena at 251 S Orange Grove BLVD.

Women in Pastoral Scene
by Charles Walter Stetson, 1900
Painted for Mrs. Muse.

Charles Walter Stetson (of the Stetson hat family) established his artist's studio as a young man in his hometown of Providence, Rhode Island.

He met Charlotte A. Perkins in January 1882 when she visited his studio; he proposed 17 days later and they married on May 2, 1884. Their daughter, Katharine Beecher, was born on March 23, 1885. During a reconciliation period in their marriage from late 1888 to January 1890, Charles stayed with relatives in Pasadena and was offered a studio in the Channing house. He divorced Charlotte and married her childhood friend Grace Ellery Channing. He returned East in 1890 to mourn his mother's death. He gave one of his paintings to Leonora Muse Curtin, and it remains on the wall of the upper sitting room of the Fenyes Mansion.

Upstairs sitting room bath

Fenyes Mansion bathroom

At the turn of the century, bathrooms were strictly utilitarian. It was unusual to have pipes hidden for this time period. Exposed pipes showed you had indoor plumbing.

Fenyes Mansion monogrammed towels
Monogrammed towels

Closet window
The closet window was used for ventilation.

Chair / steps
A chair that converts into steps for children washing at the basin.

Chamber pot

The scale was a 1993 donation and was not owned by the family.


Fenyes Mansion nursery scalamandre print wallpaper covering
Scalamandre Victorian print wall covering.
Restored for a Disney shoot in 1982.

Doll House

Donated to the museum by a lady in Pasadena who played with it in 1927. Has electric lights. Not owned by the family.


Mahogany English-style bowfront dresser. Has lock and key.

Fenyes Mansion pure gold for the sunday school rev rob t lowry w howard doane
Pure Gold for the Sunday School
Hymn book, first published 1871.

Fenyes Mansion nursery

Folded screen
Arts and crafts style.

Mahogany rib post single bed. American version of an earlier English style. Horsehair mattress.

Cradle and Stand
Wicker. Donation to the museum. Not owned by the family.

Swan Head Rocker
19th century

Miniature Chair
circa 1880
Babsie's chair.

circa 1880
Mary Bell Wright Grimol doll (French doll firm of Juneau). First company to make doll's eyes that were not too glassy.

Miniature Doll Furniture
circa 1870
Includes a bureau, bed and chair.

Hand Sewing Machine
Likely a donation.

Likely a donation.

Fenyes Mansion cat kitty tiddledywinks

Likely a donation.

Teddy Bear
Donated by a woman in South Pasadena in the 1970s. Not owned by the family.

Girl in Blue Dress
James Wells Champney, c 1880

Little Daisy
Currier & Ives

French Engravings
F. Delpech
Japanese prints.

Upstairs hall

Oil lamps
Egyptian oil lamps.

Candlestick Telephone

Telephone Table
Mahogany Queen Anne telephone table.

Closet Windows
For ventilation.

Bedouin and Stallion
by Alphonse Birck, 1895 (Cairo)

Bedouins and Camel
by Alphonse Birck, 1896 (Cairo)

Bedouins & Horseman
by Alphonse Birck, 1895

The White Ship
by Frank English, circa 1895

Master bedroom

Wall paper
Scalamandre documentary paper installed during the 1982 redecoration. Has a design from the early 20th century, copied from the governor's mansion in Missouri at that time.

Ceiling light
Dual gas and electricity fixture installed after the Museum acquired the house. Not hooked up to gas line.

Bedside table
A writing desk whose top lifts to reveal a writing surface and places for pens and other utensils.

Canopy Bed
circa 1820 - 1830

Mahogany bed with tester canopy. Was a Muse family possession for many years.

Linen Spread
A handmade embroidered handkerchief linen spread handmade for the bed.

~ 1830 - 1850
Armless upholstered settee with mahogany base. The original upholstery was horsehair, and after several subsequent coverings was finally given its current Art Nouveau covering during the 1982 redecoration.

19th century
Art Nouveau covering.

Game Table
~ 1830
American Empire flip-top mahogany game table.

~ 1800
English Sheraton dressing table mirro with drawers in its mahogany base.

Chest of Drawers
~ 1830
American Empire mahogany with a bowfront top drawer.

Aaron Willard Clock
~ 1815 - 1820
Original Aaron Willard clock with gold leaf and an Eglomisea panel. It is a shelf clock (a scaled down tall clock) with an eight-day weight-driven pendulum and brass mechanism.

Sewing Table
early 19th century
Known as a pouch table (to hold utensils).

Chair and Footstool
~ 1900
1900 print fabric.

Floor Lamp
Originally an oil-burning lamp.

Dressing table and mirror
circa 1820

Fenyes Mansion teacup

Silver Dressing Table Set
Belonged to Mrs. Fenyes.

Ivory Brush
Bears the "F" crest.

Dr. and Mrs. Fenyes
Photograph at the time of their marriage.

Leonora Muse Curtin

Beside window, a rope for use as a fire escape.

Original Chippendale hand-carved mirror.

Red Canyon
by Benjamin Brown

by Eva Fenyes

Windy Beach, Bathers
by Redmond Stevens Wright, 1948
Features Avalon Casino.

Riverside with Fisherman and Boat
Vit Jauniers

Monument at End of Pier

Soldiers in Mexican Street
by Carl Oscar Borg