Union Oyster House

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Home of Isaiah Thomas, where he published the Massachusetts Spy.

Louis Philippe, later King of France, was a guest and taught French to prominent Bostonians.

First use of the toothpick, invented by a Maine family in the timber industry.


Daniel Webster was a regular who reportedly drank a tall tumbler of brandy and water with each half dozen oysters.

Franklin Roosevelt dined here.

John F Kennedy visited the Oyster House nearly every Sunday at noon and ate lobster stew. Preferring the privacy of the upstairs dining room, he dined at booth number 18 which now has a dedicated plaque.

William Clinton dined here.

Senator Edward Kennedy visited the restaurant about once a month.

President Jack Coleman of Pennsylvania's Haverford College worked here to sample one of this country's rigorous lifestyles.

When visiting, Luciano Pavarotti gave an impromptu happy birthday song upon finding out that the booth adjacent his was celebrating a birthday.

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Designed a National Historic Landmark: "The oldest continually operated restaurant and oyster bar in the United States. Constructed between 1716 and 1717, it is a rare surviving example of Boston's Georgian architecture."