Bridgeport, California

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Just north of Mono Lake up the 395 are three hot springs in the immediate environ of Bridgeport: the popular, public Travertine Hot Springs, the quieter, off-the-beaten path Buckeye Hot Springs, and the private, off-and-on Fales Hot Ditch

Travertine Hot Springs is more accessible than Buckeye Hot Spring -- and people passing through town know it. Thus, Buckeye Hot Spring is preferable.

Buckeye Hot Spring is smaller and remoter, and has just a single tub. At times it is totally possible to have Buckeye all to yourself. So I'd recommend Buckeye out of all the Bridgeport-area hot springs.

Bridgeport area hot springs

Travertine hot springs

Travertine Hot Springs is unpleasantly busy at times, not just with locals but frolicking tourists as well.

It is indeed possible to have a tub all to oneself at times, but more often there are locals, lone travelers, groups of college kids and even a few unsavory types. To access Travertine Hot Springs, turn onto Jack Sawyer Road and when the road turns, keep going straight along the dirt. After a few hills, there will be a dirt lot. There is a concrete tub immediately there, the hottest.

Down the hillside is a bearclaw-shaped set of three clay pools: these were actually cool when we visited on 2011 December 30th. Down from the parking lot, past the telephone pole a short walk, is a smaller, more primitive rock pool which is found (let alone used) much less than the other tubs.

travertine hot springs highway sign
The sign along the highway marking the road to Travertine Hot Springs.

travertine hot springs bearclaw pool
One of the bearclaw pools at Travertine Hot Springs.

travertine hot springs view
View from one of the bearclaw pools at Travertine Hot Springs.

Buckeye hot spring

About a mile on a dirt road from the Buckeye Campground, a steep hike down a hillside to a pool formed with rocks, along the river (perhaps Buckeye Creek). Camping opportunities are available just about anywhere around.

Fales hot ditch

Tepid at times. I believe this is on private land. In December 2011, what little water it had was just running all over the place.