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Lottie Davis family tree

Lottie Estelle Davis was married three times.

Lottie Estelle Davis first married William C Thomas. The cause of their separation is not yet known. Lottie had three daughters by Eugene McKinney but was not married. Her third husband was Damon Stanley Hall, who was ten years younger and raised the daughters as his own. Bessie, Estella and Tena came into adulthood during the Great Depression and their sons served their nation. Bessie was married when she was sixteen and lost her son Oliver in World War II. Estella was an artist whose works are featured in Maine. Tena was the youngest.

Billy Thomas

According to the 1940 census, William Merrill Thomas lived in South Portland with his wife Elsie, their three daughters, his sister-in-law Sarah Bonville and niece Kathleen M.

He worked at the shipping desk for an oil company. (Marriage records to Lottie Smith are a different William Thomas.)

  • William/Willie "Billy" Merrill Thomas, Jr (1899-12-11 [Rockland] - )
    • Married to Elsie "Big Elsie" V (c 1900 [Connecticut] - ).
    • Elsie "Little Elsie" I Thomas (c 1931 [Connecticut] - )
    • Beverly E Thomas (c 1933 [New York] - )
    • Eulala E Thomas (c 1934 [New York] - )

Bessie Louise McKinney

Bessie Louise McKinney (1904-11-26 [Rockland, Knox] - 1991) (SSN #482-64-5593) married Mr. Hamlin and Mr. Jackson.

Her birth certificate: ancestry.com. Mr Jackson's first wife died giving birth to Neil, and after her death their five children were taken on by various relatives and they were not reunited. Bessie also had five children before she married Mr Jackson. They were also taken on by various relatives at the time of her divorce, but she managed to go and get Ann and she was raised along with the six children she would come to have with Mr Jackson. So altogether, Mr Jackson and Bessie each had five children from previous marriages, and then together had an additional six children.

  • Bessie Louise McKinney
    • Married on 1922 Jul 29 in Scarborough to Oliver Radcliff Hamlin (1901 Apr 05 - 1970 Sep 10). Separated. They had four sons and one daughter.
    • Oliver J Hamlin (1922-12-17 - 1945-09-27 [North Africa]) (WW II Veteran)
      • He is not in the 1940 census with Bessie and Samuel.
    • Richard "Dicky" E Hamlin (c 1925 - Deceased )
      • He is not in the 1940 census with Bessie and Samuel.
    • Charles Demond Hamlin (1927 [Rockland] - [Houston]) (alive in 2010 in Houston?)
      • Begotten by a Ms. Demond, according to the census. Married Mona ( [Cairo] - ) (Miss Egypt).
      • Joseph Hamlin
      • Jacqueline Hamlin
    • Edwin "Coogie" Hamlin (1929 - 2005) (WW II Veteran)
      • He is not in the 1940 census with Bessie and Samuel.
    • Ellen/Ann A Hamlin (c 1933, Portland - living, Appleton) (had a horse farm)
      • Married Ted Johnson
    • Married on 1934 Aug 11 to Samuel Theodore Jackson.
    • Norma Louise Jackson (1935 Feb 14 [Rockland] - 2010 May 07 [Rockland])
      • Married Merton Sawyer (1930/10/04 - 2007/11/12 [Rockland])
      • Merton R Sawyer III ( - Living [Corinth])
        • Married Kimberly
      • Rebecca Sawyer
        • Married Douglass Pennington, Jr
      • Stephanie Sawyer ( - Living [Lewiston])
        • Married Pano Koutsikos
    • Lucille F Jackson (c 1937 [Rockland] - Living [Appleton])
      • Married Donald Bartlett
    • Lenora M Jackson (c 1938 Aug 03 [Rockland] - Living [Whitefield]) Twin of Flora Jackson.
      • Married Buddy Bunker
    • Flora T Jackson (c 1938 Aug 03 [Rockland] - Living [Maine]) Twin of Lenora Jackson.
      • Married a Mr. Sawyer
    • Jean A Jackson (c 1939 [South Thomaston] - Living [Hope, ME])
      • Married Arthur (Adolphson?) ( - Living)
    • William Jackson ( - Living [Rockland]) (Had hot rod cars.)
      • Married Carolyn
    • Sam Jackson also had several children from a previous marriage. His first wife died giving birth to Neil. Two were adopted by other relatives in the Jackson family.
    • Estelle Jackson ( - Deceased) (Died young?) Raised by her grandmother.
      • Married Mr. Barlow
    • Nathalie Jackson ( - Deceased) (Died young?) Raised by Bessie and somebody else.
      • Married a Mr. Hall
    • Malcolm Mack Jackson ( - Living [South Thomaston]) Raised by great-aunts and uncles on farm he lives on now.
      • Married Dorothy
    • Paul Putnam ( - Living [Rockport]) Adopted by Sam's first wife's brother, who was a Mr Putnam and thus renamed Paul as a Putnam.
      • Married Helen
    • Neil Jackson ( - Deceased) (Died young?) Bessie's family never knew him; he was adopted by other Jacksons who did not want him to know his father.

Estella McKinney

Estella Bernice McKinney was married three times and begot one surviving son.

Estella's first marriage was to John Joseph Clancy, with whom she had her one surviving child. On 1938-06-01 she married Oliver E Stevens (no children). On 1941-10-20 she married Charles Reynolds (no children). Charles remarried 1948-07-07. Estelle was blessed with a thriving legacy of descendants. To see beyond her great-grandchildren, please access the Clancy-西平 family tree.

  • Estelle Bernice McKinney (1906/09/13 [Rockland] - 1973/02/14 [Sebago])
    • Married to John Joseph Clancy
    • Clancy died as an infant by drinking sour milk. Believed to be an infant son. May have been a twin.
    • Everett Eugene Clancy (1923 Dec 18 - 1974 Jun 29 [Sebago]) (WW II and Korean War Vet)
      • Married チヨ 西平 Chiyo Nishihira (one daughter しづ Shizu from prior marriage)
      • Mary Nishihira Clancy (1952-01-02 [Okinawa] - Living [Oakland])
        • Married Robert Malcolm Samuelson. No children.
      • Jean "Jeannie" Estelle Clancy (1953-10-16 [Virginia] - Living [Sebago])
        • Child with Michael O'Sullivan. Separated.
        • Stella O'Sullivan (1992-10-19 [Sebago] - Living [Sebago])
        • Married 2012 to Frank. No children together. He has two or three children from his previous marriage.
      • David Damon Clancy (1954 Dec 23 [Sebago] - living [Oakland])
        • Married Leila Jean Levi (1954 - living). Divorced
        • Levi Meir Clancy (1990 Oct 12 [Los Angeles] - living [Los Angeles])
      • Susan Chiyo Clancy (1956 Sep 26 [Sebago] - living [Los Angeles])
      • John Joseph Clancy (1959 Sep 25 [Sebago] - living [Sebago])
        • Child with Tammy Shaw (who was married to Warren Noble).
        • Jeffrey Warren Noble
    • Married to Oliver Stevens. No children.
    • Married to Charles Reynolds. No children.

Tena McKinney

Tena B McKinney (1908-08-26 [Maine] - 1982-12-28 [Cumberland]) was married on 1926-06-25 to Maurice Plowman (1907-09-14 [Cumberland] - 1986-05-27 [Cumberland]).

According the 1940 census he was a selector for a wholesale grocery company. Later, Tena and Maurice owned the Twin Bear Cabins on Route 1 in Scarborough, Maine. He was a truck driver for a grain company.

  • Maurice E Plowman, Junior (1926-10-09 - 1998-10-01 [Cumberland])
    • Married 1947-01-25 to Maxine Christian (1928-02-02 [Westbrook, Cumberland] - 2006-02-09)
    • Married 1953-10-20 to Veronica Carmichael (1926-03-01 [Portland] - 1991-10-19 [Portland])
    • Married 1985-06-20 to Margaret M Lee
  • James "Jimmy" E Plowman (1928-05-28 - 1982-06-09) (very funny man)
    • Married Barbara
    • Alan
    • Deborah (polio)
    • Danny
  • Viola A Plowman (1930-01-31 [Scarborough] - 2008-04-18 [Nursing Home, NH] [Lung cancer]) (HS Grad)
    • Married 1946-10-29 to Clyde Andrews, Jr ( [Harris, Maine] - ). Truck driver. Divorced.
    • Terry (Timmy?) Andrews
  • Ronald Dean Plowman (1936-06-24 - 1997-10-16) (SSN 005-32-2258)
    • Rhonda