Rachel Amanda Raines

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Rachel Amanda RainesRachael Amanda Raines. Undated. Wadena, Minnesota.
Rachel Amanda Raines was born January 1850 in Jackson County, West Virginia and passed away August 21st 1939 in Wadena, Minnesota.

Her nickname was Mandy in the 1905 census, and in the 1920 census she went by the name Amanda. The family photo album has her full name as Rachel Amanda Westfall Adams-Geiser-Davis.

Marriage to Andrew Westfall

Rachel married Andrew "Andy" Jackson Westfall.

They had four children: Irven R Westfall (1870/12/09 - 1941/07/10), William Hollie Westfall, Kenneth "Kenna" David Westfall and Oakey Henderson Westfall (c 1882 - 1931/01/12). She may have also had Homer Westfall, though this would make later counts of her total/surviving children incorrect.

The story of their separation is recounted below in Mandy's move to Minnesota.
Andrew Jackson Westfall appears to have re-married.
He may have lived for a time in Ohio around 1910, though there are some inaccuracies with this theory. He would have had a granddaughter living with he and his wife.
He may have lived with a son called Andrew Westfall around 1920 in West Virginia. Here he is recorded as a widower.
He died in West Virginia of nephritis on 1927 Nov 22 at 3am. The record says he was divorced.

Move to Minnesota

Mandy fled with her son Hollie.

The story goes that when blonde-haired, blue-eyed Hollie was born in 1879, Andrew accused Mandy of adultery and threatened to kill the infant. This caused her to flee to Minnesota with Hollie. She did indeed move to Minnesota circa 1887 and the 1895 census shows her with a new husbandThis is corroborated by the fact that by 1900 she was married to Cap Adams and the only child present from her previous marriage was Hollie. However, the exact story may be incorrect because according to the 1905 census, she had moved to Minnesota a while after Hollie's birth, in 1887. Also, her son Kenneth seems to have been born after Hollie.

Marriage to Andrew Adams

Captain AdamsCaptain Adams. Undated. Wadena, Minnesota.
By 1900, Rachael married the farmer Andrew Jackson Adams (1829 June [WV] - 1901 July 19 or 26 [Wadena, MN]).

His parents were both from Virginia. He had gathered a regiment in the civil war. He was always called by his nickname Cap. They had one son, Philander Brafford Adams (1892 May 22 [Wadena, MN] - 1962 June 22 [Marion, OR]). Remarkably, she was 42 years old when Philander was born.

Rachel had five children, five living by the 1900 census. Hollie still lived with his mother, step-father and half-brother at this time.

Marriage to Matthew Geiser

Rachel Amanda RainesRachael Amanda Raines. Undated. Wadena, Minnesota.
In 1904, Rachael married the farmer Mathew Geiser (b Mar 1841 [Indiana] - d Unknown).

His parents were both born in Germany. In 1900 he was a widower -- interestingly, he was a boarder at a home neighboring Cap Adams and his family. In 1905 he had lived in Minnesota for 32 years, and Rachel had lived there for 18 years. She lived alone with Mathew by the 1910 census, working as a laborer while he was still a farmer. She had five children, five living by the 1910 census.

They separated by 1920.

Interestingly, the 1920 census has Matthew Geiser living back in Indiana as a widowed boarder.

Marriage to John Davis

By 1920, Mandy had married John Davis (c 1842 - ).

Amanda Davis (under-reporting her age by a few years) was married to John Davis in the 1920 census. Their occupations were listed as none. He and his parents had been born in New York.


DAVIS: Mrs. Rachel Amanda Davis, probably the oldest resident in Wadena, and one of the oldest pioneers died Monday morning in her home, 303 First Street S.W., Wadena, after a long illness. She had been blind for years. She was 98 years old. [There is a typo somewhere because this would have been dated 1949, or else she was 88 years old.]

Mrs. Davis was born Jan. 10, 1851, in Spencer county [sic], West Virginia, where she spent the first 40 years of her life. When 20 years old she was married to Andrew Westfall. Five children were born of this union. In 1891, before the Great Northern was built through here and the surrounding country was a wilderness, she came west with her husband and parents and settled on a homestead near the present site of Sebeka. Old settlers will remember the Abram Raines home where they lived.

After the death of her first husband, she married Captain A.J. Adams, a Civil War officer. After his death she married John Davis, a Civil War veteran. He died some years ago. For a number of years her home was east of Wadena, but the last 28 years she spent at her Wadena home, shared with her son, William Westfall and his family.

Mrs. Davis was 15 years old when she joined the Baptist Church. Her Christian faith kept her cheerful and hopeful in the midst of suffering and physical darkness.

Those who survive her are Irven Westfall in West Virginia, William Hawley Westfall of Wadena, Oakey and Kenney Westfall and Philander Adams.

Funeral services were held Wednesday morning at the Methodist church. Burial was in the Wadena cemetery.

Songs were sung by Milan McClelland and Miss Neva and Byron Miller, with Miss Doris Geer accompanying. 24 Aug 1939 , Wadena Pioneer Journal. Typed up by anniedoyon

Rachel Raines family tree

  • Abram Ranes (born c 1822 [WV] - )

    • Married to Lucinda (born c 1822 [WV] - ).

    • Sarah E Ranes (born c 1843 - )

    • Eliza A Ranes (born c 1846 - )

    • Andrew M Ranes (born c 1848 - )

    • Rachel Amanda Raines (1851 Jan 10 [Spencer, WV] - )

      • Married by 1870 to Andrew "Andy" Westfall (1846 April 19 [WV] - 1927 Nov 22 3am [Guthrie, Kanawha, WV])

      • Irvin R Westfall (1870 Dec 09 [Roane, WV] - 1941 July 10 [Clendenin, Kanawha, WV])

      • William Hollie Westfall (1879 June [WV] - )

      • Oakey Henderson Westfall (1882 [WV} - 1931 Jan 12 [Kanawha, WV])

        • Married to Cleminsa "Clemmie" Lanham (1888 [WV] - 1966)

        • Ernest Westfall (c 1905 [WV] - )

        • Laurie Westfall (c 1908 [WV] - )

        • Belva Westfall (c 1910 [WV] - )

        • Mansford Westfall (c 1914 [WV] - )

        • Millie Westfall (c 1915 [WV] - )

      • Kenneth "Kenna" David Westfall (1885 Feb 20 [WV] - 1964 May 09 [Pocahontas, WV]). SSN 233-07-0108.

      • Married c 1890 to Andrew Jackson Adams (1829 June [WV] - )
        He had a son, P C Adams, from a previous wife.

      • Philander Brafford Adams (1892 May 22 [Wadena, MN] - 1962 June 22 [Marion, OR])

      • Married 1904 to Matthew Geiser

      • no children together

      • Married by 1920 to John Davis

      • no children together

    • Charlotte Ranes (born c 1853 - )

    • James W Ranes (born c 1856 - )

    • Robert F Ranes (born c 1859 - )


Rachel Raines studies

1860 censusAbram Raines and Lucinda Raines in Roane, WV (served by Flat Fork post office). He was a farmer. Abram Ranes was 38 (born c 1822) and Lucinda Raines was also 38 (born c 1822). Their household also contained the following, all with the surname Ranes: Sarah E, age 17 (born c 1843); Eliza A, age 14 (born c 1846); Andrew M, age 12 (born c 1848); Rachel M, age 10 (born c 1850); Charlotte, age 7 (born c 1853); James W, age 4 (born c 1856); Robert F, age 1 (born c 1859). This is likely a correct identification because the name matches roughly (Rachel M, for Rachel Mandy/Amanda) and the age and location match perfectly. Other family trees use this as her ancestry, but I find that it is not necessarily perfectly reliable since there were so many Raines' in the area and there was even another Rachel A Raines, though the two women were born a few years apart. Furthermore, it is an assumption that all children in the 1860 census share the same parents.
1870 census
1870 July 25
Harper Township, Roane, WV. An A/J Westfall (farmer, age 25), Rachel A Westfall (keeping house, age 18), Henderson Westfall (age 17), Elizabeth Westfall (age 15). Rachel's age does not match perfectly.
1880 censusCensus for the so-called Harper District in Roane, WV. Andrew J Westfal (born c 1845 in WV) was a farmer. Rachel Westfall (born c 1851 in WV) was "keeping house" as his wife. They had two children, Erven Westfall (born c 1871 in WV) and William H Westfall (born 1880 January in WV). They are all listed as white.
1895 censusWadena, Minnesota. Shows A J Adams (age 65, from WV), Mandy Adams (age 46, from WV) and Philander Adams (age 3, from MN). A J Adams had been a resident for 14 years. He was a farmer. Both his parents were foreign-born. Neither of Mandy nor Philander's parents were of foreign birth.
1900 censusR A Adams was born 1850 Jan. She was the mother of five children, all living. She was married c 1890 to W J Adams (born 1829 June in WV). R A Adams, A J Adams, F B Adams (born 1892 May in MN) and W H Westfall (born 1879 Nov in WV) all lived together in Wadena, MN. They were all white. Cap Adams and Rachel were both from West Virginia; and their parents were all from Virginia. All four could read, write and speak English. Cap Adams was a farmer.
1905 censusMatthew Geiser, Mandy Geiser and Filander Adams lived in the same residence in Wadena, MN. Matthew was a farmer, born c 1840. He had lived in MN for 22 years and that particular district for 5 years. Mandy, born c 1850, had lived in MN for 18 years and in that particular district for 14 years. Filander was born c 1892 (he was 13 years old) and had lived in MN for 13 years and that particular district for 13 years. All three are white.
1910 censusCensus for Wadena shows Matthew and Amanda Geiser living together alone. He was a farmer and she was not employed. He was a veteran in the Union Army. Both are white. He was born in Indiana, and his father was born in Germany and his mother had an unknown birthplace.This was Geiser's second marriage, and Rachel's third. She had five children and five living. He appears to have had no children.
1962 Philander gravePhilander Brafford Adams. Born 1892 May 22 in Wadena, Wadena County, MN. Died 1962 June 22 in Marion County, OR. Buried in Wadena Cemetery, plot M1 B3 L20.

Raines studies

1944 John Carpenter deathHis mother was named Raines, from Spencer, WV. It seems that Raines was an established name in that place.

Westfall studies

1920 censusPeiffer, Kanawha, WV on Wooden Branch Road. Okey Westfall (age 39, from WV) is head of household. He was a digger, in an industry that is illegible but appears to be Gov Line. Wife is Clemmie (age 31, from WV). Children are Ernest (age 15, born in WV), Laure (age 12, born in WV), Bella (age 10, born in WV), Mansford (age 6, born in WV), Millie (age 5, born in WV). Neither Oakey nor Clemmie could read nor write. All of their parents were born in WV.
1931 Oakey Westfall graveBorn 1882. Died 1931 Jan 12. Son of Andrew Westfall and Rachel Raines. Husband of Cleminsa Lanham (1888 - 1966). Buried in Fisher Cemetery, Charleston, Kanawaha, WV.
1931 Oakey Westfall death
Oakey H Westfall was born 1882 and died 1931 Jan 12 in Kanawha, WV. His parents were Rachel Raines and Andy Westfall.
1941 Irvin R Westfall death
Born 1870 Dec 09 in Roane, WV. Died 1941 July 10 in Clendenin, Kanawha, WV. Divorced. Retired. Father is Andy Westfall from Jackson County, WV. Mother is Rachel Raines from Jackson County, WV. Buried in Warbutton Cemetery near Wellford, WV.
1964 Kenna Westfall death
Born 1885 Feb 20. Died 1964 May 09 in Pocahontas, WV. Parents were Andy Westfall and Rachel Raines. SSN was 233-07-0108. May have also gone by "Kenno Westfall" unless this is just an errant ancestry.com transcription.
1927 Andrew Westfall deathBorn in West Virgnia. Died 1927 Nov 22 in Guthrie, Kanawha, WV. Divorced. White. Retired. Father's name, Abraham Westfall. Lived 81 years, 7 months, 2 days. Approximate date of birth: 1846 April 15.

Adams studies

Cap Adams' failing health
1901 Cap Adams obituary
1880 censusPossibly Cap Adams and first wife and son.
1921 Cap Adams pensionMandy filing for Cap Adams' pension.
Cap Adams war record
Cap Adams war record
1850 censusNot likely Cap Adams due to wrong birthplace.
Cap Adams war record
Cap Adams war record
Cap Adams war record
Cap Adams graveBorn 1829. Died 1901. Contains biographical information. He died on a Friday evening, but it is ambiguous whether that means 1901 July 26 or 1901 July 19.
1860 census
Cap Adams marriage
1870 census
1885 censusWadena, Minneosta. A J Adams (age 55 from WV); S Adams (female, age 29 from WV); M Adams (female, age 11 from WV); U (illegible) Adams (male, age 7 from WV). Residence also housed a J McIntyre (male, age 32, maybe from KY (llegible)); and Bella McIntyre (female, age 27, from same place a J McIntyre. All were white.

False leads

1870 census
1870 Aug 18
Union Township, Pendleton, WV. Rachel Raines (age 19) living in the household of Isaac Henkle (age 28) and Sarah Henkle (age 25). Interestingly, a 14 year old John Raines lived down the road. It is possible that Rachel was living with her sister Sarah, if Sarah married a Mr. Henkle. It is possible that she was living two places, or living in one as a housekeeper and sister-in-law in the other. Union and Roane are about 100 miles apart. I deem this a false lead because of the location, and because Mandy's son Irvin was born a few months later. She would have likely been married already, so I defer to the other 1870 census record listing a Rachel Raines.
This is not the same Rachel A Raines who married David Cox.
1870 censusWest Virginia. Lists Rachel A Raines as 15 at the time of the census.
1870 marriageRachel A Raines (born c 1855 in Kanawha, WV) married to David Cox (born c 1847 in Gilmer, WV). There are conflicts with her birth place, birth year and marriage (she would have likely been married to Andrew Westfall around this time since her first Westfall children were born around this time). This is a separate individual also named Rachel Raines.
1900 censusRachel A Cox and David Cox had lots of children in West Virginia while our person of interest was married to somebody else and had other children, and this confirms that this is not our person of interest.
1956 Florence Cox Westfall death
Florence Cox Westfall was born 1872 May 08 to Rachel Raines and David Cox in Roane, WV. She died 1956 February 21 in Spencer, Roane, WV as a retail clerk and housewife. She is buried at Mount Herman. Florence Cox incidentally married a Westall. The coincidence in name and location is just that, a coincidence.
1968 Thomas Cox deathThomas Floyd Cox, Sr was died 1968 Jan 24 in Cabell, WV. He was married to Trixie Cox. His parents were David Cox and Rachel Raines.
1953 Rachel Raines deathRachel Ann Raines is definitely not our person of interest, despite all the coincidental similarities. Her father was Joseph Raines and her mother was Lydia Harper.
There is an Okey E Westfall born in 1884/1885 who is not the same person.
1900 censusWrong person. Conflicting birth place, location is not right, wrong head of household.
1884 birthI am pretty sure this is also the same incorrect person.