Itka "Ada" Levine and Eli Singer

By Levi Clancy for לוי on

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Grandma and Grandpa

I remember her as a kind, benevolent, (always old) grandmother who spoiled me when I was a youngster and always had my best interests at heart. In the early 1950's she was living in the Jewish Home for the Aged (which was still in East Los Angeles) and I remember my parents getting very agitated when she indicated that she wanted to marry some elderly gentleman whom she had met at the home. She did marry him and they moved out of the home to a small apartment in East Los Angeles and I think that my parents did finally reconcile themselves to my grandmother's marriage and recognized that the two older people did have something to give to another.

Grandpa Eli died in 1943 when I was but five years old and thus I really do not have too many memories of him. I do remember that he was bald, somewhat fat and would rock me on his lap from time to time. I heard (probably from my parents) that he could not read or write English. I have vague recollections of visiting him and my grandmother when they lived in Venice, California, a seaside community in Southern California inhabited, at the time, by a number of elderly Jewish men and women. I believe that my grandpa was a tailor in Venice but I must confess I cannot remember much about him.


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Alien registration papers of Eli Singer show the Singers arriving in Quebec on 15 October 1910.