By Levi Clancy for לוי on

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Whether a small, human detail or the grand majesty of nature, there is so much beauty in Kurdistan. The holidays of Hanukah, Mawlid, Christmas, and New Year. The waterfall that is honored on the 5,000 IQD note. The shortest day of the year. The gorgeous road to Haji Omaran. The tomb of a Jewish merchant in the old bazaar. The torrential rains following the burning summer. And the individual snowflakes which together make a storm.

Everything good in Kurdistan is by the grace, bravery, and principles of the countless martyrs -- thank you, and I hope the whole world will love this country for all it represents. #brayatikurdistan #supaspeshmerga #thankyou

All video shot in Hawler, Hawler Governorate, with some shots of Duhok. Filmed on iPhone 6.