Southland historic adobes

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Leonis Adobe, built 1844

In 1844, an unknown builder constructed an adobe home that would become the home of notorious rancher Miguel Leonis a few years later. The Adobe had many subsequent owners and states of disrepair. In 1962 it was nearly bulldozed to make room for a shopping center, but on 1962-08-09 was designated as Historical Cultural Monument № 1 by the city of Los Angeles. The Adobe has been restored to its current beautiful condition.

Avila Adobe, built circa 1818

The oldest residence in Los Angeles, Avila Adobe is situated at the historic Pueblo (now known as Olvera Street).

Andres Pico Adobe, circa 1834

The second-oldest home in Los Angeles, the Andres Pico Adobe was built by San Fernando Mission Indians.

Manuel Dominguez Home

Nearly a dozen cities were carved from Rancho San Pedro, the 76,000 acre grant given to Juan Jose Dominguez in 1784.

Pio Pico Mansion, built 1850

Pio Pico spent $4,600 to purchase a 9,600 acre rancho in 1850. He built his mansion there as one of the most impressive country homes of its day. In 1907 the buildings were being demolished for use as road fill for the repaving of Whittier Boulevard when the property was rescued.

Lopez Adobe 1882

Built by Valentin Lopez, it was heavily damaged by the Sylmar earthquake in 1971 and since then been restored.

De la Osa Adobe 1849

Don Vicente de la Osa constructed his 9 room adobe in 1849 and raised his fifteen children there.

Rancho La Cienega O Paso de la Tijera
Centinela Adobe

La Casa de la Centinela.

Rancho Los Cerritos 1843

This redwood and adobe home was built by Jonathan Temple on a bluff overlooking the Los Angeles River.

Rancho Los Alamitos early 1800s

The main adobe was built in the early 1800s. In 1842 Abel Stearns bought the rancho for his 15 year old bride Arcadia Bandini.

Sanchez Adobe circa 1845

The adobe was on a 2,363 acre rancho mortgaged to William Workman in 1850 for $1,225, with an option to purchase for a total sum $2,225.

Hugo Reid Adobe

Located on the Arboretum grounds, this adobe may only be viewed through its windows.

La Casa Primera 1837

La Casa Primera is the oldest home in Pomona.

Adobe de Palomares

Originally a way-station on the 20-mule team freighter route, the Adobe has been restored and has public picnic facilities.

Rancho La Puente 1842

Built by William Workman, the co-founder of Los Angeles' first banking house.

Casa Adobe de San Rafael

The eucalyptus trees on the property are grown from seeds planted by Phineas Banning.

Verdugo Adobe circa 1828

Additional adobes

Also visit El Molino Viejo and at the Mission there is La Casa Vieja de Lopez.


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