Rebecca Lazarus and Benjamin Baylinson

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Rebecca "Bee" Lazarus was born January 14th 1904 in Leeds, England, and passed away December 21st 1971 in Napa, California.

Her flag dress was for a costume party in Toronto.

Move to California

On August 25th 1920, Rebecca and her parents Sam and Anna arrived at the port of Port Huron, Michigan on a train from Toronto.

She traveled on her parents' passport and came to her brother in Turlock, California. She did not thereafter leave the United States. From August to October 1920 she resided in Turlock, California. Then from October 1920 to July 1937 she resided in Oakland, California. From July 1937 to the 1943/02/11 date of her naturalization application (from where this information is taken) she lived in Napa, California. Her application was witnessed by her friend Anna Hartdegen at 1139 5th Street in Napa (met July 4 1937), and her husband's plumber employee Otto Arthur Rehder who lived at 1165 Elm Street in Napa (hired August 1 1938).

She worked for Lazarus Automotive Supply at 972 3rd St in Napa from 10 July 1937 to 31 December 1938. Then from 1939/1/1 to the data of her naturalization application she worked as a bookkeeper for Baylinson Bros Plumbers, based out of their home at 1241 Pearl St in Napa, California. She was studying the principles of US government, but fully believed in them nonetheless and was willing to take arms. She had no arrests nor traffic violations. Her registration under the 1940 Alien Account Act was #3459481.

Benjamin Baylinson

He was 5'4.

Rebecca and Ben

On 1923/03/04, Rebecca and Benjamin were married in Oakland, California.

She had two children, Lillian and Gloria Baylinson. She was 5'0" tall and 102 pounds.