Northern California hot springs

By Levi Clancy for לוי on

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Big Bend Hot SpringsMaybe Private

Not to be confused with the Big Bend Hot Springs in Texas, these ones in California are private land and closed for years due to so-called development.

Benton Hot SpringPrivateThis private hot spring has good reviews and camping is available.
Lake City Hot SpringsPublicLittle can be found on these except that they look spectacular and dry up around July-August due to low rainfall and large amounts of agricultural water usage.
Lake CountyNot many springs for soaking, but some developed resorts and interesting trails for the ruins of early-20th century soaking culture.
Mount ShastaPublicNear the top of Mount Shasta is some water that bubbles to the surface but is not collected into pools.
Leonards Hot Spring

Ruins of an old resort and a primitive pool.

Hunt Hot SpringsPublic

Nearby is the equally well-reviewed Kosh Hot Springs though I did not find GPS coordinates.

Skaggs Warm Springs

These may be underwater due to a dam now, but apparently there was a resort and history abounds.


Menlo BathsThese may be private but seem promising; I could not find additional information.
Eden Hot SpringsPublic

Located up north, unlike the ruins in Moreno.