Santa Clarita Valley

By Levi Clancy for לוי on

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Santa Clarita Valley: Isolated geographically, this always feels like a remote outpost of the LA empire -- inaccessible except by a few transit lines and freeways.
Completed in 1926, the William Hart Museum in Santa Clarita is a beautiful hilltop home built in the traditional adobe style.

Its walls are three feet thick: this place isn't going anywhere anytime soon. And good thing, as the Museum and its surrounding structures, barnyard zoo, bison herd and park grounds are a wonderful cultural center in Newhall and greater Santa Clarita. The Museum is free, with good hours and frequent tours.

The Museum is set up with Mr. Hart's original furnishings and wares, and not a cosmopolitan repository like a Huntington or Getty home. Instead, its Mr. Hart's way of making his community a better place. And as you walk around, you'll find yourself thinking, "Thank you, Mr. Hart."