Lassen Volcanic Park

By Levi Clancy for לוי on

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Hot Springs, Fumaroles and Muds

Lassen Volcanic Park has an enormous number of springs, vents and mud pools: Bumpass Hell, a heat- and acid-drenched expanse devoid of foliage; Boiling Springs Lake; Mill Creek Springs; and more. Terminal Geyser, Morgan, Growler, Devil's Kitchen and Sulphur Works (Tophet) have coordinates which may be incorrect as satellite images reveal nothing there.

Kellogg Hot SpringsPrivateNot immediately in Lassen Volcanic Park, but nearby, is Kellogg Hot Springs. Located on private farmland; doubt this is for soaking. It likely just dumps into irrigation canals and streams.
Drakesbad Hot SpringPrivateLocated within Lassen Volcanic Park is Drakesbad Guest Ranch with its rustic appeal and, based on information I could glean online, a hot spring also.