Owens Valley

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Owens Valley includes the Basin and Range province to the east of the Sierras, and has its northernmost bounds just below Mammoth Lakes.

But most people will know this area as Kern County and Inyo County, to the west of Death Valley National Park.

Owens Valley hot springs

[iframe width="100%" height="600" src="https://mapsengine.google.com/map/u/0/embed?mid=z9mIgBV0KF3A.kwPgxJKEzqsA&ll=36.787291,-117.938232&spn=1.539727,4.026489&z=8&iwloc=0004b6113ae80c80d11db"]
Dolan SpringsPublicWhile searching for this I found Ringbolt Springs -- these may be the same.
Sulphur SpringsPublicschweich.com/fn2006.html
Keough Hot SpringsPublic

Just off the freeway is Keough Hot Spring. There is a resort, but a free area as well.


Unnamed Owens Lake Spring
Dirty Socks Hot Spring
PublicLocated immediately to the west of Death Valley around Owens Lake are two springs which seem unimpressive, shallow, ephemeral and malodorous.
Warm Sulphur SpringsPublicLocated immediately to the west of Death Valley.
Coso Hot Springs

Devil's Kitchen

MilitaryCoso, Devil's Kitchen and the Fumarole are all located near one another to the west of Death Valley. They are off-limits, located in China Naval Weapons Center.