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Meyer Levine and Sarah Trotsky

By Levi Clancy for לוי on

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We know almost nothing about Meyer Levine and Sarah Rivkeh "Rivool" Levine except that they begot the nine Levine siblings.

Since their oldest child Malka Levine was born in 1874, they were likely born about 1850. Meyer's father was Mattis Levine. Mattis must have been born around 1830. We may assume that the whole family originated in דיבנישוק Divenishok. Meyer died in 1916.

Fanny said that her mother's name was Sarah. Her grandson Morris Levi wrote that her name was Sarah Rivkeh or Sarah Rivool and she died before he was born (1916). Her maiden name may have been Trotsky or Davidovitch. Barry Levi suggests that Mrs. Meyer Lewin had two names -- Sarah Trotksy and Rivka Davidovitch. Rivka Davidovitch was the daughter of Keyla (1828 - ).


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