Long Valley Caldera

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The Long Valley caldera (aka Mammoth Lakes) is a stunning gem of California including a ski resort, forest and springs.

Mammoth Lakes hot springs

Wild Willy's Spring
Crowley Hot Springs
PublicLocated in Long Valley by Mammoth Lakes; near the also-popular Hilltop Hot Springs. Turn east from Route 395 onto Benton Crossing Road (there is a little green church on the corner). Travel east ~2.5 miles to reach two cattle guards. To reach the hot springs, turn right just past the second cattle guard (you would keep going to reach Hilltop Hot Springs), then keep left whenever there are forks. After about a mile is a parking area with a sign and a wooden boardwalk leading to the concrete tubs.
Hilltop Hot SpringsPublicKeep going straight down the hill past the cattle guards marking the road to Wild Willy's Hot Spring. Turn left onto the dirt road. The road gets quite near the spring at times, but the ground you must cross can be muddy so look for any good spot to reach the white, flat mineral deposit marking the location of the spring.
Hot Creek GorgeHot Creek Gorge is especially famous. Two miles south of the turnoff from Route 395 to Mammoth Lakes is Hot Creek Airport Road. Follow signs for about three miles to Hot Creek, which is maintained by the park service and more family-oriented. It is very well-reviewed.
Little Hot Creek SpringsLittle Hot Creek Springs are well-reviewed. It is less visited than the other springs, but has tubs and allows camping.
Fleur de Lys Hot SpringNot sure where this is located in the Long Valley Caldera.


Hot Bubbling PoolVery hot, near Mammoth Lakes is Hot Bubbling Pool.
Casa Diablo Geothermal FieldPower PlantThe Casa Diablo Geothermal Field is now used to power a geothermal plant, but once included a geyser that was a tourist stop.
Dehy Hot Spring

Located on LADWP land, locals periodically have built tubs but they are promptly torn down so that people do not congregate and legal issues thus do not arise.