Sebago, Maine

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sebago lake vintage postcardVintage postcard of Sebago Lake, Maine circa 1970s. © unknown


There are several towns in the immediate area of Sebago.



Naples residents


A splendid potter.



Elementary School

Originally the Fitch homestead.

Sebago elementary school

Sebago elementary school

Spaulding Library

Sebago Spaulding Library

Veterans' Memorial Park

Sebago Veterans Memorial Park

Sebago Veterans Memorial Park

Sebago Veterans Memorial Park

Sebago Veterans Memorial Park

Sebago Veterans Memorial Park

Sebago Veterans Memorial Park

Sebago Veterans Memorial Park

Sebago residents

Spaulding family

I've overhead my aunties, uncle and father heap praises upon Mrs. Spaulding, who was Sebago's kindly philanthropist.

amRhein family

Marc amRhein's mother Lillian amRhein was the oldest resident for many years. Her husband Harald had been with the American Paper Tube Company. One of Marc's grandfathers was a conductor in New York, and Marc remembers seeing Rachmaninov perform. There seems to be confusion about Marc's age. When I asked my aunties, uncle and father in 2013, the range was between seventies (but older than Don) to eighties (but younger than Chiyo). Records indicated Marc was born either 1933 March 26 or 1944 September 01.

  • Liliane "Lillian" Marie Francesca Guerin (1905 May 01 [RI] - 2009 Feb 06 [Sebago, ME])
    Lillian's parents were Elodie Dumaine and Theophile Guerin (1874 May 22 [Belgium] - )

    • Married 1929 September 28 to Harald Luders amRhein (1901 March 14 [NY] - 1982 December 20 [Sebago, ME])
      Harald's parents were Albert amRhein and Mary Luders

    • Stepson

      • Married

      • Two daughters

    • Sally L amRhein (1930 August 07 [RI] - )

      • Maybe married 1969 March 13 to Adolph J Bregar

    • Harald Luders amRhein Jr, known as Marc amRhein (1932 March 08 [RI] - living [Sebago, ME])

    • Diane G amRhein (1939 July 02 [RI] - )

      • Married 1966 May 01 to Rodney H Brown

      • Andrew B amRhein

Schute family
  • Arthur Schute

    • Emma

Fitch family

One time somebody pulled up to the library. "I'm a Fitch. This town belongs to my family." But despite my misfortune in meeting one of the lesser Fitch relatives, the town has pleasant overall memories of this family.

  • Vera Fitch

Clancy family

I'm perhaps the nosiest of all the Clancy relatives.

Mullen family
  • Mr. Mullen

    • Patricia "Pat" Mullen

Barnes family
  • Buddy Barnes

    • Mrs. Barnes

    • John Barnes (died in car accident)

There was also Dr. Barnes. He and Buddy were related, though I'm unsure exactly how. The Barnes family lived in Hiram, but was of special significance because Dr. Barnes was a family doctor who served the surrounding area. He was very dear to the community, not just because of his skill, but because of his generosity.

  • Dr. Barnes

    • Mrs. Barnes

    • Children

Koceika family
  • Koceika

    • Mrs. Koceika

    • Donna Koceika (died by suffocation)

    • Diane Koceika (twin to Debbie)

    • Debbie Koceika

    • Laura Koceika


Dingley Isles
Blueberry Island

Frye's Island

This cloistered community is inhabited solely by summer residents, except one caretaker who remains in the winter.