Millie "Minnie" Wittenson and Solomon Munitz and Harry Kaplan

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Harry and Millie "Minnie" Kaplan; Ed and Bea Leven; Stan and Shirley Urdangen; Phil, Estabella and Ronna Samuels, with Caren and Howard Samuels down in front. Shirley and Stan's wedding, 1964/08/09.
Millie Wittenson/Levy was born December 3rd 1902 in Leeds, spent her adolescence in Toronto and then lived in Los Angeles where she passed away in 1966.

Mom was born in Leeds, England as Millie Whittenson, on December 3, 1902. Her parents were Reuven Whittenson and Breina (Lewin) Whittenson but, when the family migrated to Canada from Leeds, they changed the family name to Levy. The move took place around 1911 when my mother was nine years old. The family then moved to Los Angeles when my mother was 17 which would have been around 1920. Minnie married Solomon Munitz in April of 1922 when she was 19 but they divorced when she was 27, some three daughters alter. She didn't remarry until she was 50. She raised the three of us (Estabella, Bea and Shirley Munitz) alone and it was a real struggle. She died of pneumonia in 1966 at the age of 63. Family Book §06 by Bea Levy

Minnie's second husband was Harry Kaplan, a very nice man, with a great sense of humor, but who suffered very badly from a severe case of crippling arthritis. Minnie helped Harry in his "Ace Stitchery" business on Spring Street in downtown Los Angeles, always working hard and never striking it rich. However, with Minnie's three daughters and some nice grandchildren, they were a happy couple. Until her last year, she was faithful in visiting your editor's parents in a North Hollywood rest home. Ida Lazarus died the same year as Minnie and Ben Lazarus the following year, 1967. Minnie was a kind and thoughtful person with a big heart. Family Book §06 by Hillel Lazarus


Family Book § 06 Biographies of Millie "Minnie" by her daughter Bea and cousin Hillel Don Lazarus