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1798 marriageJacob Winchenbach Jr. Polly Nash. Both residing in Waldoborough MA. Marriage intention filed 1798 Sep 08.
  • Jacob Winchenbach

    • Married to wife

    • Jacob Winchenbach Jr

      • Married 1798 to Polly Nash

1802 marriageJohn Winchenbach. Mary Crammer. Both residing in Waldoborough MA. Married 1802 Jan 05 in Waldoborough MA by clergyman Rev August Reitz.
  • John Winchenbach

    • Married 1802 Jan 05 to Mary Crammer

1813 marriageHenry Winchenbach. Mary Ginthner. Both residing in Waldoborough MA. Intention filed 1813 Jun 21.
  • Henry Winchenbach

    • Married c 1813 to Mary Ginthner

1816 marriageHenry Winchenbach. Polly Farnsworth. He resides in Friendship MA. She resides in Waldoborough MA. Intention filed 1816 Jan 22.
  • Henry Winchenbach

    • Married c 1816 to Polly Farnsworth

1817 marriageCaptain Charles Winchenbach. Catherine Wallis. Both residing in Waldoborough MA. Married 1817 Dec 30 in Waldoboro by Justice of Peace Henry Flagg.
1819 marriageLewis Winchenbach. Sophie Pitcher. Both residing in Waldoboro ME. Married 1819 Apr 06 in Waldoboro ME by clergyman D M Mitchell.
1820 marriageCaptain Daniel Winchenbach. Polly Benner. Groom residing in Friendship ME. Bride in Waldoboro ME. Married 1820 May 24.
1820 marriageGroom, Henry Winchenbach, residing Waldoboro ME. Bride, Mary Weltz, residing Waldoboro ME. Married 1821 Apr 17 in Waldoboro by Justice of Peace Henry Flagg.
1824 marriageGroom, Capt Isaac Winchenbach Jr of Waldoboro ME. Bride, Sarah Creamer of Waldoboro ME. Married 1824 Apr 22 in Waldoboro ME by clergyman John W Starman.
1829 marriageGroom, Lewis Winchenbach of Waldoboro ME. Bride, Sophia Pitcher of Waldoboro ME. Intention filed 1829 Mar 11.
1829 marriageGroom, Pelham Winchenbach of Waldoboro ME. Bride, Mary Stahl of Waldoboro ME. Intention filed 1829 Dec 11.
1829 marriageContinue here until img 567.
1841 marriageCaptain Oliver Winchenpaw. Dorothy Wichepaw. Both of Waldoboro ME. Married 1841 Nov 15 in Waldoboro by clergyman Rev John W Starman.
  • Captain Oliver Winchenpaw

    • Married 1841 Nov 15 to Dorothy Winchenpaw

1846 deathHiram G Winchenpaw. Died 1846 Aug 01, age 19 years 8 months, buried in Waldoboro in Sweetland Cemetery.
1850 census
Manhigan Plantation (Monhegan Island), Lincoln, ME. Simon Winchenbach, age 28, born c 1822 [ME], sailor. Margaret, age 26, born c 1824 [ME]. Abdon, age 5, born c 1845 [ME]. Elin E, age 4, born c 1846 [ME]. Aurelia, age 3, born c 1847 [ME]. Have several Davis neighbors in the same census area, including Andrew and Robert Davis.
1852 marriageGorham S Winchenpaw and Mary Kaler. Both born in Waldoboro ME. Married 1852 Feb 08 by clergyman Rev John W Starman in Waldoboro ME.
1855 marriageAaron Winchenbaw and Sarah Winchepaw married 1855 Aug 05 in Waldoboro ME by clergyman Rev S C Fesaden. Both spouses are born in Friendship ME.
  • Aaron Winchenpaw

    • Married 1855 Aug 05 to Sarah Winchenpaw

    • Leonard Winchenpaw (1864 Sep 10 [Friendship ME] - )

1860 censusFriendship, Knox, ME. Simon Winchenbush, age 39, born c 1821 [ME]. Margrette Winchenbush, age 36, born c 1824 [ME]. Abdon R Winchenbush, age 15, born c 1845 [ME]. Ellen E Winchenbush, age 14, born c 1846 [ME]. Aurrelia Winchenbush, age 12, born c 1848 [ME]. Cordelia W Winchenbush, age 6, born c 1854 [ME]. Angelia Winchenbush, age 5, born c 1855 [ME]. Cloudin Pink, male, age 19, born c 1841 [Portugal].
1864 birthLeonard Winchenpaw. Born 1864 Sep 10 in Friendship ME. Father was Aaron Winchenpaw, born in Waldoboro ME, living in Friendship ME, farmer. Mother's maiden name was Sarah Winchenpaw, born in Friendship ME, housework.
1864 birth
Brinton McL Winchepaw, born 1864 Aug 23 in Friendship ME. Father: Simon Winchenpaw, born in Friendship, residing in Friendship, fisherman. Mother: Margaret Winchenpaw, born in Friendship, housework. All are white.
1864 militaryAaron O Winchenbach. Born c 1843 in Waldoboro; residing in Waldoboro.
1869 birth

Esther Iroque Winchenpaw. Born 1869 Jul 05 in Waldoboro ME. Father was Pelham Winchenpaw, no age provided, born and residing in Waldoboro ME, sea captain. Mother was Nancy Bickmore, born and residing in Waldoboro ME.

  • Pelham Winchenpaw

    • Married to Nancy Bickmore

    • Esther Iroque Winchenpaw (1869 Jul 05 - )

1870 census
Friendship, ME. Simon Winchenbach, age 49, born c 1821 [ME], fisherman. Margaret, age 46, born c 1824 [ME], keeping house. Orilla, age 23, born c 1847 [ME], at-home. Cordelia, age 16, born c 1854 [ME], at-home. Angela, age 15, born c 1855 [ME], domestic servant. Estella, age 10, born c 1860 [ME], attending school. Florence, age 7, born c 1863 [ME]. George B [illegible initials], age 6, born c 1864. Simon G, age 2, born c 1868. All are white.
1880 census
Friendship, Knox, ME. Simon Winchenpaw (head), age 60, born c 1820 [ME], both parents born in ME, widower, fisherman. Aurelia Winchenpaw (daughter), age 33, born c 1847 [ME], both parents born in ME, divorced, housekeeping. Florence A Winchenpaw (daughter), age 17, born c 1863 [ME], both parents born in ME. Brinton MC Winchenpaw (son), age 15, born c 1865 [ME], both parents born in ME, fisherman. Granville S Winchenpaw (son), age 12, born c 1868 [ME], attending school, both parents born in ME. George W Hillard (grandson), age 9, born c 1871 [ME], both parents born in ME, attending school.
1882 birth

Ray Winchenpaw. Born 1882 Jan 02 in Friendship ME. Father is Charles Winchenpaw, age 24, born c 1858 in Friendship, residing in Friendship, farmer. Mother's maiden name is Georgiana Winchenpaw, age 23, born c 1859 in Friendship, residing in Friendship, housekeeper, no other living children.

  • Charles Winchenpaw (c 1858 [Friendship ME] - )

    • Married to Georgiana Winchenpaw (c 1859 [Friendship] - )

    • Ray Winchenpaw (1882 Jan 02 [Friendship] - )

1885 marriage
1885 Mar 11 marriage, Simon Winchenpaw, Hellen Simmons. Friendship, Knox ME.
1886 death

Catherine Winchenpaw. Died 1886 Mar 08 in Waldoboro ME, age 89 years 10 months, born c 1797. Wife of Chas. Winchenpaw. Might be buried in Waldoboro Cemetery in Sweetland.

  • Charles Winchenpaw

    • Married to Catherine (1797 - 1886 Mar 08 [Waldoboro])

1920 census


linkHorlacher and Whitaker mention this as the starting point in the preface to their book, so it must be an excellent resource.
linkSomething about a patent.
linkMentions Capt L Winchenbach.
court case
probate records
public documents
Cushing and FriendshipIncludes history and 1892 census
Randolph CountyWinchenbach, Wincapaw, and more on Monhegan Island.
West's federal supplement
Modern MaineFrom worldcat it is available at University of the West.
Concorcdia Historical Institute QuarterlyVolumes 44-45, 1971
Sibylla Charlotta Winchenbach, die Ehefrau Josua KocherthalsOnly at NYPL.
Winchenbach etymology
Josua von KocherthalMarried Sibylla Charlotta Winchenbach in Germany. "It is for his role in leading a small, initial 1708 migration of some forty-one persons to New York; for leading a second, even greater migration to that colony; and for writing to encourage migration to North America that Kocherthal is known to history under his adopted name."
marriage registry
online edition
Lester P Winchebaugh
1838 New Yorker

Pirates -- Captain Winchenbach, of the brig Ceylon, arrived last night from Marseilles, informs us that on the 4th July, in lat. 36 13, N., long. 47 20 W., saw a suspicious looking schooner ahead, with fore and main topsail, standing South, and at half past 6, P. M. she hoisted a Portuguese flag and fired a shot across our bows, and shortly after fired three more guns. The Ceylon was immediately hove too, and the schooner came alongside. Capain W. and two seamen got into the boat and went on board of her. A boat was immediately after this manned from the schooner with five men, who boarded the Ceylon and searched her, but finding no money, they took a box of wine belonging to the cargo, some water and provisions and left her. The brig had $1500 on board, which Captain W. threw into a water cask and thus succeeded in saving it. The New Yorker, 1838

Book entrySimon Winchenbach, Claudin Winchenbach, Monhegan island.
Winchenbach Genealogy (1933)
by Clarence F Palmer and Edith Webster Mank

An excellent resource. My notes are here:

Broad Bay Pioneers (1998)
by Gary T Horlacher and Wilford W Whitaker

This amazing book is the first point to study for any genealogical interest in Waldoboro. Its content is relevant to many families, and even the larger regional history. Since it does not only belong to Winchenbach studies, my notes from this text are here:

History of Old Broad Bay and Waldoboro (1956)
by Jasper Stahl

Must get my hands on a copy of this book!

Google Books, Vol I
WorldCatNearest copy is in Fresno.
Annals of the Town of Warren, in Knox County, Maine
by Cyrus Eaton

Amazing insight into genealogies and life events in Warren town, Knox county. There is also a detailed account of military maneuvers. Links: Google Books

Contains a genealogical table for the Winchenbach family in Warren

WINCHENBAUCH, (or Winchenbach, pronounced Winkapaw,) Henry of German descent, b. in 1762; m. Mary Woltz; came from Waldoboro', settled in western part of W., and d. March 16, '21. His wife d. Oct. 14, '22. Their chil. 1, Catherine, b. 1790; d. in Jan., 1846. 2, Margaret, m. Robert Jordan, and now dead. 3, Elizabeth, m. 1st Nathan Watton, 2d, Jacob Winchenbach of Wal. r. Wal., and d. in 1875. 4, Henry W., m. Agnes Spear, Oct. 15, '18; r. W., and d. Dec. 8, '65. 5, Mary, m. Chas. Havener; r. and d. Wal. 6, Andrew, m. Rebecca Spear, Jan. 25, '21; r. W., and d. Dec. 28, 76. 7, Sarah, m. 1st, Wm. Spear, 2d, John Davis of F., r. Friendship. 8, Nancy, m. 1st, Isaac Overlock of Wal., 2d, Francis Keizer; r. Wal. 9, Lucinda, d. young. 10, Ann Maria, b. Jan. 17, '10; m. John Godfrey Hoffses; r. W. p 648

The above text, with the abbreviations un-abbreviated:

WINCHENBAUCH, (or Winchenbach, pronounced Winkapaw,) Henry of German descent, born in 1762; married Mary Woltz; came from Waldoborough, settled in western part of Warren, and died 1831 March 16. His wife died 1822 October 14. Their children: (1) Catherine Winchenbauch, born 1790, died 1846 January. (2) Margaret Winchenbauch, married Robert Jordan, and now dead. (3) Elizabeth Winchenbauch, first married Nathan Watton, then married Jacob Winchenbach of Waldoboro, she resided in Waldoboro and died there in 1875. (4) Henry W Winchenbauch, married 1818 October 15 to Agnes Spear, resided in Warren and died 1865 December 08. (5) Mary Winchenbauch, married Chas. Havener, resided and died in Waldoboro. (6) Andrew Winchenbauch, married 1821 January 25 to Rebecca Spear, resided in Warren, died 1876 December 28. (7) Sarah Winchenbauch, first married William Spear, then married John Davis of Friendship, residing in Friendship. (8) Nancy Winchenbauch, first married to Isaac Overlock of Waldoboro, then married to Francis Keizer, residing in Waldoboro. (9) Lucinda Winchenbauch died young. (10) Ann Maria Winchenbauch was born 1810 January 17, married John Godfrey Hoffses, resided in Warren. adapted from p 648

  • Henry Winchenbach ([Waldoboro] - 1831 Mar 16 [Warren])

    • Married to Mary Woltz ( - 1822 Oct 14)

    • Catherine Winchenbach (1790 - 1846 Jan)

    • Margaret Winchenbach

      • Married to Robert Jordan

    • Elizabeth Winchenbach ( - 1875 [Waldoboro])

      • Married to Nathan Watton

      • Married to Jacob Winchenbach

    • Henry W Winchenbach ( - 1865 Dec 08 [Warren])

      • Married 1818 Oct 15 to Agnes Spear

    • Mary Winchenbach ( - [Waldoboro])

      • Married to Charles Havener

    • Andrew Winchenbach ( - 1876 Dec 28 [Warren])

      • Married 1821 Jan 25 to Rebecca Spear

    • Sarah Winchenbach

      • Married to William Spear

      • Married to John Davis

    • Nancy Winchenbach

      • Married to Isaac Overlock

      • Married to Francis Keizer

    • Lucinda Winchenbach (died young)

    • Ann Maria Winchenbach (1810 Jan 17 - )

      • Married to John Godfrey Hoffses

America's Centenarians

America's Centenarians Vol 12. Centenarian Almeda Winchenbach link (there is a copy at University of the West, M-F 9pm - 6pm) 1409 Walnut Grove Ave Rosemead CA. Onlne copy: link. Volume 12: link. And Almeda here: link

Interviewed: October 24, 1969
in Waldoboro, Maine

Almeda Winchenbach
Born: 1/20/70

Mrs. Winchenbach is a very alert person and responds to questions quickly. She can recall pikcing blueberries in her early childhood at about age 10. When she was very young there were Indians coming to Waldoboro, to camp nearby.

Mrs. Winchenbach has always refused to exercise her voting rights. She states, "They do whatever they want to do anyway -- so why bother to vote." Lightning struck her house within two feet of her head during the early 1940's. This was described as the most exciting event of her life.

When asked about her schooldays, she recalled that the teacher used to make a pupil stay after school if they missed over one word in spelling; for this reason she didn't like school very well.

Mrs. Winchenbach became very excited when she first learned she was eligible for the special age 72 social security payments. She stated, "I wanted checks very badly and I look forward to the 3rd of every month." The arrival of her first check was celebrated by the enjoyment of a good steak dinner.

Mrs. Winchenbach lives with her two unmarried daughters. She helps with a lot of the house work. She sweeps floors, washes dishes, etc. Aside from a hearing impediment, her health is very good.

The gift of long life is attributed to longevity in the family and always arising early in the morning.

Mrs. Winchenbach has made hooked rugs (up to size 9' x 12') since 1912. Her rug-making activity ceased last year. America's Centenarians

The People of the Eye: Deaf Ethnicity and Ancestry

Link: Google Books

The Ludwig clan, reminds us that although progenitors of Deaf families were very often from England it was not always the case. Three families from Germany lived in the town of Waldoboro, Maine, in the mid-eighteenth century. The land, quite close to the sea in eastern Maine, had been bought around 1720 by Samuel Waldo. After an initial settlement, Indian attacks caused the settlers to flee. When peace returned, Waldo's son recruited about 1500 immigrants to the village from Germany. No doubt the Ludwigs, Seiders, and Winchenbachs were drawn to intermarry once in the New World by their shared language and traditions. Joseph Ludwig and Margaret Winchenbach married in 1791; they had a Deaf son, JacobD, and a great-grandson, ElmerD. They also had a hearing son, Simon, and a hearing daughter, Jane. Simon Ludwig married his cousin, Jane Winchenbach and they had a son, SimonD, who married a Mary SpillmanD. Jane Ludwig married her cousin John Seiders and they had three Deaf children, LuellaD, EmmaD, and DavidD, all of whom attended the American Asylum. p 173

History of Thomaston, Rockland and South Thomaston

Google Books, 2

From page 465:

  • Henry Winchenbach of Warren

    • Married Mary Woltz

    • Henry W Winchenbach (c 1793 - ), lived in Rockland as a truckman

      • Married 1818 Oct 15 to Agnes Spear

      • Robert W Winchenbach married Almira E Stahl

      • Sarah J Winchenbach

      • John S Winchenbach

From page 315:

In the autumn of 1851, the Doctor [Moses R Ludwig] visited Liverpool, London, Paris, Rotterdam, Frankfort, Cologne, and other parts of his Vader-land, from whence his letters were published in the Lincoln Miscellany, and re-published by several principal papers in the State; -- one paragraph of which gives these impressions of the home of his ancestors. "Germany is a strange country. With all its abundance of literature, and the prevalence of education, with, alos, freedom of religious opinion, it is far from being a free country. The people are despotically ruled by great or petty Princes, and have only here and there a mock form of representative government. The lower classes are entirely destitute of the means of improving their condition. -- Though a country from which more of the elements of freedom sprung, than any other, it is now, unquestionably, among the least free of all the nations of Christendom." p 315


Winchenpaugh treeDoes not have any discovered link to Lottie Davis' immediate family. A less expansive version of the tree: link
Winchenbach treePerhaps the most expansive. Simon Winchenbach, son of John Winchenbach and Dorcas Metcalf, John is son of John Winchenbach and Elizabeth Walch.
Winchenbach nameShows the distribution over time, with helpful search links.

I am told that the family originally consisted of 7 brothers who came to
the U.S. in the 1700s from Germany, but who then fought with each other
about land and consequently changed the spelling of their name to
disassociate themselves from one another.

Josua Harrsch (Joshua Kocherthal)

This Lutheran minister was married to a Winchenbach in Germany and potentially was involved with bringing over Winchenbach families who to the New York area. Perhaps it was one of these settlers or their descendants later settled in the Waldoboro area.

The Historical Magazine and Notes and Queries Concerning the Antiquities, History and Biography of America, Volumes 19-20

A very funny article about a memorial stone at his grave. The name Winchenbach is mentioned on an 18th century gravestone at West Camp, Ulster, New York. It commemorates one of the founders of the Lutheran church in the state of New York, Rev Joshua Kocherthal. Links: Google Books,
2, 3, 4