Ysidro Garcia Raygoza

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Ysidro Garcia Raygoza was born 1910 May 15 in Mexico.
Life in the United States

Ysidro is in the 1930 and 1940 United States census records, living in Hanford with his family. Coincidentally, Ysidro had been tutored by Myron in English while Myron was in high school.

World War II
Marriage to Bessie

Victory Barber shop


Ysidro died 1976 April 09 in Hanford.

Leila recalls that his death is attributable to the paramedics' negligence. He had gone into a diabetic coma and when the paramedics pushed a breathing tube down his throat, they shoved his dentures down as well and he suffocated.

Raygoza family tree

  • Jesus Raygoza (1882 March 24 [Mexico] - 1957 March 17 [Kings, CA])

    • Married to Eulalia Garcia (1889 February 12 [Mexico] - 1959 May 05 [Kings County]). Mother's maiden name was Delareba.

    • Ysidro Garcia Raygoza (1910 May 15 [Mexico] - 1976 April 09 [Hanford])

    • Sipriana Raygoza (c 1914 [Mexico] - )

    • Jose "Joe" Raygoza (c 1916 [Mexico] - )

    • Reynaldo "King" Raygoza (c 1920 [Arizona] - )

    • Angel "Angela" Raygoza (c 1922 [Arizona] - )

    • Asela Raygoza (c 1924 [Arizona] - )

    • Biulfido "Wilfred" Raygoza (c 1927 [California] - )


1930 censusI believe this is not a correct match because: Ysidro is already accounted for in the United States; and his birthplace does not match. Here, the birthplace is Jalisco, which includes Guadalajara; Leila remembers that he was from Guadalajara. However, his naturalization records says that he is from Chihuahua.
1930 censusRaygoza was transcribed as Raggosa, Reggosa or Raygosa. Jesus was born c 1883 in Mexico; both his parents were Mexican. Eulalia was born c 1887 in Mexico; both her parents were Mexican. They had seven children listed: their eldest, Ysidro, born c 1910 in Mexico; Sipriana born c 1914 in Mexico; Jose born c 1916 in Mexico; Reynaldo born c 1920 in Arizona; Angel born c 1922 in Arizona; Asela born c 1924 in Arizona; and Biulfido born c 1927 (3 and 5/12 years old) in California. Jesus was a laborer but the industry is illegible. Ysidro was also a laborer but the industry is illegible. They rented their home at 621 West Seventh Street, Hanford, California. Jesus and Eulalia were married when he was 21 and she was 15. Except native United States citizens, the entire family has 1916 as their immigration date except Eulalia who immigrated in 1897. All the children could speak English. Jesus and Eulalia did not. However, he could read and write (presumably only in Spanish); she was illiterate. All the kids after Sipriana (ie, from Joe onward) who were old enough to did attend school but even those who did not (Ysidro and Sipriana) could read and write. This conflicts with other records which show that Ysidro did go to school.
1940 censusThis is almost certainly a correct identification. His parents were Jesus (born c 1882 in Mexico) and Eulalia Raygoza (born c 1890 in Mexico). He was the eldest child. His siblings were Sipriana (born c 1914 in Mexico), Joe (born c 1916 in Mexico), King (born c 1920 in Arizona), Angela (born c 1925 in Arizona) and Wilfred (born c 1928 in California). They all lived at 101 South Harris Street in Hanford, California. Jesus and Joe were farm laborers and Ysidro was a barber in a barbershop. Leila remembers Ysidro telling her that her name reminded him of his mother's, and that he owned his own barbershop after working on the farms. They all supposedly lived at the same house in 1935. Their home was rented. Asela is no longer listed; perhaps she passed away. Interestingly, the 1940 census lists anglicized versions of the Spanish names in the 1930 census.
1942 WW II enlistmentEnlisted 1942 November 12. He had one year of college.
1944 June 20 border crossingPotentially Ysidro.
1944 NaturalizationAn amazingly informative naturalization document dated 1944 October 21, in Alexandria, Louisiana. The 101 South Harris St confirms that this is a correct identification. Ysidro Garcia Raygoza was born 1910 May 15 (this resolves the conflict in his death records) in Chichuachua, Mexico. He enlisted in the US Army in 1942 November 27, under serial number 39687621. Confusingly, it says that he arrived in the United States on 1944 June 20 via the footbridge at Laredo, Texas. (However, he must have arrived earlier since he was already enlisted in 1942 and living in Hanford in 1940.) He was unmarried and with no children and a Private First Class at Camp Claiborne. He was 5'7 and 165 lbs with dark complexion, brown eyes and black hair; he had a scar on his upper lip. The document shows his signature.
Social Security deathYsidro was born 1910 June 15 and died 1976 April. His SSN was 557-16-1615. His last place of residence was Visalia, Tulare, California (postal code 93277).
California death indexDied 1976 April 9. Born 1910 May 15 (conflict with Social Security record).
Jesus Raygoza deathBorn 1882 March 24 in Mexico. Died 1957 March 17.
Eulalia Raygosa deathBorn 1889 February 12 in Mexico. Died 1959 May 05 in Kings. Mother's maiden name was Delareba. Father's surname was Garcia.
1950 Polk's Tulare County, California, DirectoryYsidro and his brother worked/owned Victory Barber Shop together.

Raygoza King G barber
Victory Barber Shop r Hanford
Raygoza Ysidro G r Hanford p 777 online; page 757 printed