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حُمُّص‎ Hummus

hummus Hummus made with great northern beans instead of garbanzo beans, with cumin, basil, parsley, dill, oregano and flax seeds.
حُمُّص‎ Hummus is a Middle Eastern bean dip.

Its core ingredients are garbanzo beans (aka chickpeas) with طحينه‎ tahini (sesame seed butter), olive oil, lemon juice, garlic and salt. Cooked garbanzo beans are mashed or blended, then the other ingredients are mixed in.

However, the basic حُمُّص‎ hummus recipe can be minimized, elaborated and substituted to make a dizzying array of punchy, delicious dips.

hummus Hummus made with great northern beans, cumin, basil, parsley, dill, oregano and flax seeds.
Mash or blend 2 cups cooked beans.

Garbanazo beans (chickpeas) are traditionally used, but my personal favorites are great northern beans, or a bit of garbanzo beans with lima beans. Black and pinto beans are too overwhelming. Mash the beans. I like to use a blender. To keep it moving, add as needed just barely enough of the leftover water from cooking the beans. If it ever gets too watery at any point, add some flax seeds.

From here on, just use a spatula and your favorite mixing bowl.

Mix in a tablespoon of طحينه‎ tahini.

The طحينه‎ tahini and lemon juice give حُمُّص‎ hummus it's distinct flavor. I don't like to add too much طحينه‎ tahini at once. The flavor is very potent and you can add more at any point.

Mix in a tablespoon of lemon juice.

I love cutting a lemon in half, squeezing the juice into a cup, picking out the seeds and pouring plenty more than one tablespoon into the حُمُّص‎ hummus.

Start with one tablespoon go from there.

Add a tablespoon of raw crushed garlic

The garlic adds a zing and you can add a little more raw or roasted garlic if you want a distinctly garlic-flavored حُمُّص‎ hummus.

Add four tablespoons of olive oil.

The olive oil keeps the hummus moist and gives it a smoother mouthfeel. I like to generously drizzle olive oil over the حُمُّص‎ hummus when I serve it, which means the final bite has lots of olive oil in it.

Start with five tablespoons and you can always drizzle more later.

Dash in a half (½) tablespoon of salt.

If you've tasted the حُمُّص‎ hummus already it may be a little flat -- time for the salt! I also like to sprinkle some salt when I serve the حُمُّص‎ hummus, but there should already be some mixed in.

hummus Hummus made with great northern beans, cumin, basil, parsley, dill, oregano and flax seeds.
Go wild with seasonings!

Add in roasted bell peppers -- ¡delicioso! Or pour on rosemary, roasted garlic and dill seed -- ¡yum! I love adding sprinkling tons of safflower for decoration and flavor.

Get creative! Split up your حُمُّص‎ hummus into several variations.

I also love cumin, chopped soaked almonds, raisins, carmelized onions, maybe even some leftover whole beans. My only suggestion is to make many different batches, than one batch with everything in it at once.

Add one ingredient at a time and enjoy it each step of the way!

Add a tablespoon of flax seed or olive oil to make it firmer or looser.

Sometimes I'll add a lot more of these, sometimes not, but flax seeds adds a great texture and will firm up your حُمُّص‎ hummus if it seems a little too runny. Olive oil will make it softer and also heighten the flavor.

Also, keep in mind that your حُمُّص‎ hummus will firm up on its own if you refrigerate it.