Los Angeles Triforium

By Levi Clancy for לוי on

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The Triforium is a 60 foot high kinetic work of art designed by Joseph L Young to serve as a symbol for the City of Los Angeles.

It is the focal point of the Los Angeles Mall in the downtown Civic Center. The Triforium is a highly sophisticated concrete and glass tower which utilizes a computer to convert music into color. A permanent rainbow of 1,494 hand-blown glass prisms especially made in Italy are cantilevered into the air and correlated with the world's largest glass bell carillon. The Triforium succeeds in unifying music and color into a different experience. Triforium programs are under the supervision of the Bureau of Music. George Milan is the coordinator and Bill Vestal is the program director.

When it first opened, every day at 11:30 a two-hour program of recorded music from pop to classical, jazz to country/western was broadcast -- three hours on Saturday and Sunday. Every evening at sundown a three-hour program of music and lights utilizing the extensive tape library was broadcast -- four hours on Friday and Saturday. Once a week at 11:30 was a two-hour live concert featuring combos, bands, soloists and vocal groups.