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Drawing Room

By Levi Clancy for לוי on

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The drawing room was used for formal and official receptions, and afternoon teas and coffees. It also served as Mrs. Fenyes' studio before the addition was built.

The wall covering was originally of silk damask ordered from Philadelphia-based Johnson & Faulkner.

Antique chandeliers

Supposedly from a palace in Madrid, Spain. The one nearest the front of the house is being replicated after suffering a fall. Continental neoclassic style. Polychromed and gilt-wood.

Vitrine cabinet-on-chest, late 19th or early 20th century

Rococo style, Dutch origin. Three shelves set on a base with three drawers. Walnut with light colored wood floral marquetry inlay. Antique reproduction. Well made, but not properly finished. Contains objects of carved ivory, miniature pictures, miniature tortoise shell chest, jade, fans and a pink hand-blown Venetian glass piece.

Side chairs
circa 1780
Federal style mahogany. Sheraton shield back chairs.

Photo of William Keith
Given to Mrs. Fenyes by Keith.

Photo of Ignacy Jan Paderewski
Celebrated Polish pianist who first visited America in 1891 under the auspices of the Steinway piano firm and later purchased a ranch in California.

Side cabinet
circa 1870 - 1880

By the door to the solarium. Dutch Neoclassic style. Veneered satinwood and rosewood with fillets of ebony inlay. Reproduction of a Hepplewhite style with two panels and one drawer.

Fenyes Mansion buddha

Steinway "Model B" grand piano (1907)

Mahogany piano believed to have been played by Paderewski and Sibelius. Mrs. Fenyes and Consul Paloheimo played on this piano. The four children took piano lessons as well. It has photos of Jean Sibelius and his wife Aino Francis Sibelius (cousin of Consul Paloheimo); a photo of Leonora Curtin's portrait; and a photo of Benjamin Brown, an artist and personal friend of Mrs. Fenyes and her family.

Fenyes Mansion victorian rococo louis xv style chair
Side chair

Side chair
early 20th century
Venetian Rococo style. Reproduction of a 1750 Louis XV style chair. Gilt wood. Note continuous S-shaped curves in the design.

Edwardian half Table with settee and chair, early 20th century

Polychrome satinwood. In the manner of Robert Adams, with a Prince-of-Wales plume. Hand-decorated in the style of Angelica Kauffmann. Angelica Kauffmann (1741-1807) was a Swiss-born historical and portrait painter and one of the original members of the Royal Academy. She is chiefly remembered for supplying the painted decorations for Adams-designed interiors of the 1770s.

Paintings in the drawing room

Fenyes Mansion

Fenyes Mansion

Moonlit Seas (c 1900)
by John W. Nicoll

Sunset Glow
William Keith, circa 1890 - 1895
Oil on canvas.

After the Rain
Elmer Watchtel

Forest Path
William Keith

Near Pasadena (1907)
by Granville Redmond
Oil on canvas.

California Landscape with Oaks (1908)
by Carl Oscar Borg
Oil on canvas.

Fenyes Mansion Carl Oscar Borg painting San Miguel Island
San Miguel Island by Carl Oscar Borg

San Miguel Island (1908)
by Carl Oscar Borg
Oil on canvas.

Crashing Surf
by Granville Perkins, 1894
A vivid marine painting.

Fenyes Mansion leonora muse benjamin brown portrait
Portrait of Leonora Muse by Benjamin Brown

Portrait of Leonora Muse
by Benjamin Brown, 1898